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Dear new moms, here’s how to view postpartum weight through a positive lens!

Troubled by comments on postpartum weight from people around you? A new mom tells you how to see the positive side of it!

postpartum weight
Eating the right foods post pregnancy will help you bounce back. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Radhika Bhirani Published: 11 Oct 2021, 09:00 am IST
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“Thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment!” Just months after giving birth to a baby boy, Rima Chawla, a new mom in her 30s, has learnt the wonder words to shut up anyone who points out at her postpartum weight gain.

postpartum weight
Take your time to get back in shape, or not! It’s your choice. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The sad story is that she’s not the only one to face it. If dealing with post pregnancy weight itself was not enough, Women often have to also put up with questions, comments and remarks around it from all and sundry. And even while the new moms may be comfortable in their own skin, wanting to lose the weight and inches inch by inch literally, the nagging rarely stops.

This, despite the fact that medical experts recommend slow and steady weight loss and gradual indulgence in fitness routines post delivery.

To top that, social media and the world of celebrities have driven new moms to be fascinated by their postpartum weight loss and back-to-shape journeys. Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan and Anushka Sharma are some examples of those who left people in awe of their transformation after delivering their babies. Be it dieting, yoga or gym workouts, the celebs do it all. So can you, but really each to her own!

Fitness instructor Zoe Modgill, a pre-natal and post-natal certified coach, recently delivered her first baby. She undertook rigorous workout throughout her pregnancy, and kept her social media followers abreast on her routine. Post delivery also, Zoe has been keeping her social media activity going, and one such post featured her with a belly. In a following post, she ended up explaining to “all those asking” that “this is after baby of course… I’m not still pregnant”!

That is as real as it gets. And with the stretch marks.


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To break it down for all, Zoe explained: “The uterus took 9 months to grow with the baby. It will take minmum 6 weeks or more to shrink back. It grew 500 times its normal size.”

Highlighting the wonders of the woman and her body, she added, “The female body is incredible. We have to trust the process and trust our bodies – they are designed for this. And I appreciate my body even more. I’m looking forward to the rebuild of Zoe. But I’m not rushing it one bit.”

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Living in the moment with postpartum weight

Like Zoe, even Rima has a positive approach to the postpartum weight comments that come her way. Perhaps you can also learn a thing or two from it.

In a Facebook post, she stresses that “during pregnancy and childbirth (normal or C-section), a woman goes through a lot mentally, emotionally, physically, and psychologically”. So, whenever a person tells you that you have gained weight after delivery, see the positive side of it.

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postpartum weight
Don’t rush when it comes to an exercise routine. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

To Rima, these postpartum weight comments just mean:

1. The mother is not stressing over her physical appearance but allowing herself to recover through the trauma her body has gone through.

2. The mother is not stressed, and that leads to good lactation.

3. The mother trusts herself and her body to go back to its original self, with the right food and workout, but “When the time is right”.

4. The mother has her priorities in order, and that so-called ‘perfect’ body can wait.

5. The mother is nurturing a life – who will have a better world view than yours.

And lastly, the fact that the mother is embracing this phase, which is both challenging and fruitful.

“So next time you meet a new Momma, kindly keep your comments to yourself. We see those flabs and scars everyday (even though the diapers and sleepless nights keep us busy),” she ends.

So, dear gossip girls and aunties, hope you’re listening, and hey dearest new mommas, we hope you learn to say “Thank you”, and move on too!

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