Women dealing with infertility require your support! Here’s what loved ones can do

After a diagnosis of infertility, a woman may face emotional and mental stress. To support them here’s what loved ones can do.
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Dr Preeti Mahawar Updated: 6 Mar 2022, 19:57 pm IST
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Women dealing with infertility issues require plenty of support and help from their loved ones, be it their spouses, parents, family members, or friends. Infertility can be a heartbreaking condition, especially for women. The sad and harsh reality is more often than not, they are unfairly blamed for not being able to conceive. This is where their support system of loved ones comes into play.

Importance of family support to a woman dealing with infertility

Their love and reassurance can help women cope with the physical and emotional toll caused by infertility and its treatment. It is best if family and friends stay away from giving excessive unsolicited advice and instead find other ways to be supportive. Whether it is helping out with the household chores or giving emotional reassurance, every little gesture gives a woman the strength and assurance that they are not alone.

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How to support your partner when going through infertility

Spouses are the strongest emotional support for women coping with infertility, as they are in the same boat. Women feel that their spouse understands what they are going through. The husbands should take the initiative of being involved in their wives’ infertility treatments. They should attend appointments and help them explore alternatives to achieve pregnancy or other treatment options.

They should also try to communicate with their wives and not shy away from the topic of infertility, no matter how uncomfortable they feel. Not talking about it with her partner will leave a woman feeling isolated.

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Friends can also be a big support

A woman puts a lot of trust in friends by opening up about her infertility with them. This might be a lot of pressure on a friend who wants to be supportive but doesn’t know-how. If your loved one is dealing with infertility, it is your responsibility to read up on the topic, so you understand them better and help them through the difficult time. Don’t be afraid of not knowing what to say sometimes. They don’t expect you to know everything, but they expect you to offer them a sympathetic ear and value their feelings.

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There will be times when you accidentally say something hurtful and realize it later when you see their reaction or sit through an awkward silence. Sometimes you may have good intentions to be supportive and try to motivate her, but even those things may seem wrong. At times like these, don’t worry, accept your mistake, and apologize. You will be able to understand her problem better when you try to walk in her shoes.

Listen to her, hold her hand and shower her with love and support!

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