Finding it difficult to adjust to the new normal? Fret not because here’s help!

Life has changed completely in the last seven months and we are faced with realities that we didn’t think were even possible. If you’re trying to cope but haven’t been able to, here’s help.
Life is a pandemic is not easy, but you can still cope. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Vesna Peričević Jacob Updated: 5 Sep 2020, 04:27 pm IST
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The world that we knew has changed completely in the last seven months. This seems like an understatement, doesn’t it? Who would have thought that a tiny little virus could stop the human civilization in its track in the 21st century, forcing us to change the way we have been living our lives!

The keyword of the moment is the “new normal”— working from home, no school for children, isolation, wearing masks, and non-contact behaviour. And things are going to be like this for the foreseeable future.

These suddenly-imposed changes have been easy for some and very hard on others. It has affected our physical and mental health, and now we are all reaching out for coping mechanisms.

The shift may not as big as we fear it to be. You no longer need to go to office but you still need to work; you cannot hit the gym or the Pilates studio, but you still need to work out and stay healthy. In fact, being healthy and keeping your immune system strong is more of a necessity now than ever before. You are spending more time with your partner and/or your family, making it extra difficult to have your me time.  So how do we cope with this new normal?

We Do have the power to stop covid-19 in its tracks. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Fortunately for us, the key to cope with the new normal lies in balance
The key is in balance. The balance of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of Self. This means that a combination of movement, breath work, mindfulness, and meditation should become a part of your routine—something that you do every day for yourself. The proportions of what you do and how long you do it for can depend on the way you are feeling that particular day

You should also start setting your intention clearly. And intention setting I mean stating what is that you want from your day? What is your intention? How committed are you to being here and now in this moment? How are you feeling in your body and mind at this moment? How is your energy? Focus on your long-term goals and plans, and see what you need to do today to keep yourself on track for achieving them. Observe yourself without any judgement, just be present, notice yourself, and set out to do what you need to do.

Once you have set the intention dedicate your practice to something. As if you are making an offering with your practice. It can be as simple as a “gift to myself” or you can dedicate it to healing the world. It does not matter how large, small, generous, or “selfish” it may sound—listen to your inner voice and dedicate the practice to whatever you feel right.

This helps you send your intention to your thought which will help the body ignite to make more efficient and effective movements, and at the same time it sets the tone and reminds you of energy and being present.

Plan your day and spend some quality time with your family. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Setting out your intention and a clear plan will be a crucial first step. Plan out your days, designate time for work, family, and for yourself. The discipline will help, and it will certainly help if and when you have to go back to work. Plan out your meals. It’s more work, but eat healthy. Clean eating and a regular fitness regimen with mindful exercise will keep you healthy and pain free as well as sharpen your mental focus.

This can help you cope with the new normal we are all facing today. Because when you are balanced, it’s difficult for you to fall.

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