Emotional well-being coach highlights the effect of feminine and masculine energies on a relationship

Being self aware of feminine and masculine energy helps build a stronger self and a stronger relationship with your partner.
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Urvashi Upadhyay Published: 17 May 2021, 09:30 am IST
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There is one area of your life that can bring you the greatest joy and excitement or the deepest sorrow and heartbreak – the area of relationships! 

Creating a happy and fulfilling relationship is like growing a garden. You don’t grow the flowers, you create an environment where the flowers can grow.

Talking about the effect of energies on relationships, have you ever held two magnets together? You do know that similar energies or poles repel each other and it’s only the opposite poles that attract. It is the same with feminine and masculine energies. Two people with similar energies can absolutely love each other, however, there won’t be any passion in that relationship. Having an opposite charge or polarity is that spark in the relationship between the feminine and the masculine.

All human beings have both feminine and masculine energies within them. One of them, of course, is more dominant than the other and is your true essence. It has nothing to do with gender. Though in most cases it is found that women have a more feminine core and men are more masculine, still, there is no such rule. Couples can be of the same sex or of the opposite sex but for the pairing to work, one of the partners needs to provide the feminine energy and the masculine energy needs to come from the other partner.

Knowing your core

Knowing your core in a romantic relationship is very helpful because it helps being your natural self. For example, if you are a masculine person, a feminine partner will be more complimenting to your energy field, and visa-versa. These energies also help the couple in augmenting their physical intimacy as well.

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If you are a person with a feminine core, you are likely to be more connected with your feelings, emotions and intuition. And in case of a masculine core, freedom, purpose, mission, logic, and leadership would be the values you are connected to.

When most people are stressed or tired, they put on the mask of the opposite energy. Many feminine women have been conditioned by society that they need to constantly be masculine. They repress their feminine energy because it’s viewed as weak or less worthy by our culture. It is a self-protection mechanism. This leads to women exhibiting masculine energy instead. When both partners are in their masculine energy, there is a struggle with who leads the relationship. 

Similarly, the partner with masculine energy may also exhibit feminine energy when criticized for their actions. So, when both partners are in their feminine energy, they both end up wanting their feelings to be cherished. 

This creates less of a power struggle and more of an emotional struggle with no one being able to hold space in the relationship for the other person because both people are in the deep end of their feelings.

Triggers to avoid

There are three triggers, which you ought to avoid, that will cause feminine energy to adopt a masculine mask. These are feeling unsafe, feeling unseen, or not feeling understood. Similarly, riggers that cause masculine energy to adopt a feminine mask include feeling criticized, feeling controlled, or feeling closed-off.

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In romantic relationships, when sexual polarity fades, problems can arise quickly because your energy fields are clashing. Over a period of time, being in the same energy can strip away sexual attraction from the relationship. To give or receive love, you must first love yourself from within. 

So, being aware of your energy helps to self heal and clear blockages that keep us separated from love and intimacy. Not knowing how both these energies work in relationships may put you up for a bumpy ride. Like trying to drive a car without wheels!

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