Make these 12 emotional needs a priority in your relationship!

Do you want your relationship to last longer and be healthy? Never neglect these 12 emotional needs in a relationship. It will help you stay connected with your partner, both physically and emotionally.
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Aayushi Gupta Published: 8 Jan 2024, 05:15 pm IST
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While it’s true that physical intimacy plays a vital role in a relationship, emotional needs can’t be ignored or neglected. Everyone has emotional needs, and a healthy relationship requires partners to communicate and meet each other’s needs. Fulfilling emotional wants and needs includes everything from appreciating your partner over small things to giving respect and security in a relationship. If they are not fulfilled in a relationship, it may weaken your connection, and you may lose trust in your partner, creating a stressful situation for both of you.

A well-known ontologist, mental health, and relationship expert, Aashmeen Munjal, spoke to Health Shots about some of the most important emotional needs that you should never ignore in a relationship.

12 emotional needs in a relationship

1. Affection

The feeling that someone is there to love you comes from their affection, which in turn helps you reciprocate the same feeling. Munjal says, “Affection acts as the silent language of love, weaving an unspoken connection between individuals.” A gentle touch, a warm hug, or a simple kiss can speak volumes, fostering a sense of closeness and reassurance.

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2. Communication

A relationship would be nothing without healthy communication. It is the bridge that spans the emotional gap in a relationship. The emotional gap refers to a sense of distance, lack of emotional touch, and difficulty finding common ground between partners. But when you have effective communication, the exchange of thoughts, feelings, and ideas nurtures understanding and helps build a shared narrative. It is essential that in any conversation or discussion, both partners should be equally free to voice their thoughts and opinions, and that they should communicate honestly and without fear or prejudice.

3. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. When you show empathy in a relationship with your partner, they may feel supported, cared and understood. It is the cornerstone of emotional connection, allowing partners to step into each other’s shoes and fostering compassion and support in times of joy or hardship.

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4. Security

In a relationship, everyone wants to feel secure. Feeling secure helps you feel wanted, supported, and safe in a relationship. After all, if you feel unsafe, building a healthy and happy relationship would be tough or impossible. Munjal explains, “Security in a relationship emanates from the assurance that one can rely on their partner for emotional and physical support. This encompasses the feeling of being valued, accepted, and protected in the relationship.”

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5. Honesty and openness

Being honest and open in a relationship is crucial. The only way to build trust in the relationship is through honesty and openness. “Being transparent about your thoughts and feelings with your partner creates an environment where both of you can feel secure in expressing themselves without fear of judgment,” elucidates Munjal.

6. Trust

Trust is a pillar of any relationship. Without trust, both partners may feel jealous, resentful, and suspicious. These things not only affect your relationship but can also create a stressful situation, hampering your mental and emotional health. Since trust comes from security, make sure you make your partner safe and secure in a relationship and stick to your commitments.

7. Freedom

Freedom simply means having the space, time, and independence to follow your dreams, interests, passions, and goals without feeling controlled by your partner. It helps you maintain a sense of individuality while being in a relationship. Always respect each other’s freedom to make your relationship happy and healthy.

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8. Connection

An emotional connection with your partner is as important as a physical bond. To build an emotional connection, spend quality time with your partner, listen to what they have to say or share, support them, be honest, focus on intimacy, express appreciation, and celebrate each other. All of these will help you get close to each other.

9. Prioritise your partner

Feeling prioritised in a relationship fosters a sense of importance and significance. It involves making time for each other, actively engaging in shared activities, and demonstrating that the relationship is a top priority amidst life’s demands.

10. Appreciation

It feels bad when you do or achieve something in life, but your partner doesn’t give importance to it the way you want it. It can affect your relationship and may weaken it. When you appreciate your partner for even little things, it increases their interest in you and makes them love you more.

11. Validation

Validation is a must in a relationship that helps you connect emotionally. It is an act of being heard and understood by your partner. Munjal explains, “Validation involves recognising and affirming each other’s feelings and experiences and goes beyond simply listening.”

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12. Respect

A relationship cannot succeed if one partner feels disrespected or undervalued. Using rude words, ignoring each other’s needs, and shutting them down are all signs of disrespect that may hurt a person’s feelings and self-esteem. Hence, Munjal says, “Respect is essential, which means that partners should value each other’s abilities, efforts, and uniqueness to foster a happy and encouraging environment.”

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So, if you see the future with your partner and want to be with them for your whole life, make sure you are fulfilling these emotional needs of each other!

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