Does your relationship lack emotional support? Here’s what you need to do

Read on to know more about how to identify lack of emotional support in a relationship, and some ways to fix it.
emotional support
Commitment phobia can negatively impact your relationship. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 6 May 2022, 10:17 am IST
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Are you someone who’s in a relationship, and yet feels the absence of emotional support? Well, it’s not just you—there are many people who feel this way. But before we help you out, we need you to understand what emotional support really means. It’s all about providing love, support, reassurance and encouragement to your partner. This comes particularly important when you are stressed or sad, and it provides a positive foundation for both partners. 

Signs that a relationship lacks emotional support

You need to be able to identify issues, before you find the solution. Here are a few signs that will help you know if your relationship lacks emotional support:

1. You and your partner feel distant

If you and your partner aren’t talking enough as you would, you are bound to feel emotionally distant. If there’s any issue, you must speak it out, instead of suppressing it within. That’s because if it continues, your relationship will weaken even more! 

2. You don’t talk about your emotions

And this brings us to one of the most important pillars of any relationship — communication. If you and your partner can’t be fully honest with each other about your feelings and emotions, your relationship is only going to go downhill.

emotional support
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3. You are leading separate lives

It is quite possible that you both have drowned yourself in work, but if you don’t spend time with each other even when you’re free, then it’s a cause for concern. In case you don’t feel like being around them or feel uncomfortable being yourself, then the relationship is sure to lack emotional intimacy. 

4. You struggle to listen to each other

It is possible that you have frequent conversations, but if you aren’t actively listening to what the other person says, then your relationship is not going to last in any way. 

5. You are not physically intimate

If you and your partner aren’t physically intimate, it’s a huge sign that there’s something wrong. For instance, even if you try and initiate physical contact, but they don’t respond, you need to have an open chat with them to know what’s going on in their mind.

How to improve emotional support in your relationship

Now that you know the signs, it’s important to know ways in which you can improve this aspect of your relationship

Ask questions

One of the most important ways to support your partner is to listen to them and ask questions. This will make them feel that you’re interested in what they’re speaking about. Also, while listening, make sure to give them your undivided attention. 

emotional support
If you and your partner work together, you can salvage your relationship. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Validate their feelings

Listening to them is a good start, but you must be able to provide them with a safe space, where they feel heard. You don’t have to be judgmental in any way. Instead, reassure them that their feelings are normal, and do not criticise them. 

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Show up for them

If your partner tells you that they need more emotional support, be there for them. Ask questions and help them analyse the situation. Remember you are not there to fix problems, but to show compassion and empathy.

Support your partner in public

You might think showing emotional support is only done behind closed doors, but you can also do it in public. Compliment your partner in front of others; it will help them feel good about themselves.

Share your feelings

Like we said, communication is one of the most important pillars of a strong relationship. So, let your partner know what you feel, ask them to open up, and do not hide your true feelings from each other. Trust us, it will help a great deal! 

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