Debina Bonnerjee reacts to being called ‘chhota haathi’, opens up on how she deals with body shaming

Debina Bonnerjee has reacted to facing crude postpartum body shaming, but says the comments are music to her ears. Find out why!
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Actor Debina Bonnerjee has hit back at trolls for body shaming her. Image courtesy: Instagram | Debina Bonnerjee
Manasvi Jain Published: 13 Jul 2023, 06:40 pm IST
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Bringing new life into the world is an awe-inspiring and transformative experience that fills a mother’s heart with an indescribable joy. However, amid the joy and wonder of motherhood, many women find themselves facing an unexpected battle: postpartum body shaming. Popular TV actor Debina Bonnerjee, a mother of two daughters delivered in two back-to-back pregnancies, has put out a powerful reaction to trolls. She has revealed how she has been at the receiving end of derogatory comments such as “chhota haathi” (baby elephant), and shared her experience with postpartum body shaming.

In a recent YouTube vlog, Debina Bonnerjee, famous for playing the role of Sita in the 2008 TV soap opera Ramayan, has shared how she channelises these negative comments into positive energy. Debina gave birth to her second daughter Divisha. She has been quite active in sharing how she manages motherhood and her fitness routine through her social media handles and vlogs.

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Debina talks about being trolled on postpartum body. Image courtesy: Debina Bonnerjee/Instagram

In her recent vlog, she can be seen taking part in an intense exercise routine with her husband and actor Gurmeet Choudhary. She says the trolls, negative comments and abuses towards her postpartum body are “music to my ears” as they just fuel her to work even harder to get back her pre-pregnancy body. “When the society abuses you, take it in a positive way and work (on it),” she suggests to other new mothers and women in general.

In a society obsessed with unrealistic beauty standards, it is disheartening that even the miracle of childbirth cannot shield women from the judgment and scrutiny that follows. The pressure to quickly bounce back and regain their pre-pregnancy figures often leaves new mothers feeling inadequate and ashamed of the changes their bodies have undergone

Women worldwide are trying to normalize the changes that pregnancy brings along in a woman’s body, and trying to make their post-pregnancy weight loss slow and steady.

Debina is also trying her bit. In the vlog, she can be seen doing hurdle jumps, shuttle running, high knees and many more such high intensity workouts. She can also be seen effortlessly multitasking and being on a call with the househelp to make sure that her little ones at home are properly cared for.

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Later in the vlog, addressing all the women who have been through a C-section, she says. “I feel you.” Pointing to her lower abdomen or the muffin top, she says “It feels like this part has become solid, reducing this is the most difficult part. But I will do it. Let the abuse keep coming. That gives me more motivation to work on my body.”

Speaking about what pushes her to workout she says, “I want to wear a bikini again and flaunt it. That is the dream that pushes me to work out!”

Whatever your reason be, ensure that you adjust your diet and workout after consulting an expert, instead of following crash diets.

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Debina Bonnerjee
Debina Bonnerjee acknowledges how hard C-section is on your body. Instagram | Debina Bonnerjee

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So, if you’re a new mother grappling with the pressures of postpartum body shaming, remember that you are not alone. It’s time to embrace your postpartum body with love, kindness, and the unwavering belief that you are worthy of acceptance just as you are while still staying motivated to work towards a healthier mind and body.

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