Single mothers, avoid making these 3 dating mistakes

Dating for single mothers is not easy. In case you're having a tough time finding love again, keep these tips handy!
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Devina Kaur Published: 12 Apr 2022, 20:53 pm IST
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Maybe the thought of falling in love is terrifying. Maybe the thought of dating someone new is just plain intimidating. Or maybe you just never know what to do or say on a first date. These days, there are tons of people who are single parents. But dating for single mothers doesn’t necessarily mean your chances of finding Mr Right have gone down. If you’re a single mother and you’re looking for love, believe me, I can relate. I’ve been heartbroken too, not once but plenty of times.

Would you be surprised to learn that single mothers can have great success when it comes to dating? I’m not talking about the success of finding a partner, although I’m sure many successful relationships start as single moms are open to dating.

The success of connecting with someone on an emotional and spiritual level and finding a great relationship matters. When a single mother decides to join the dating world, her fists are clenched with determination. Up until, she’s been busy raising her kids and hasn’t much time for herself. She wants to meet new people, have fun, and cling on to hopes of finding love again!

Nobody wants to be in your shoes — as a single mother — that much is for sure. It’s hard, being on your own with no idea where you’re supposed to go or what you’re supposed to do. But if you’re careful and follow a few tips, you can have a chance at finding the right partner!

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Here are 3 tips that makes dating for single mothers easy:

1. Waiting for a Prince Charming

Let me start by saying, dating is hard. Dating for single mothers is even tough. There are times when you feel like your life is over, or that you will never find love again. You’ve heard the saying before — “Don’t wait for the perfect person to come along. The perfect person doesn’t exist, and it’s hard to find someone who is even pretty darn close. I mean, you have flaws, too.” We might be a little hesitant to believe that after all the Disney movies we’ve watched growing up.

We often seek perfect relationships, able to solve all of our partner’s problems, provide the lover with all of their needs and cater for their wants. The truth is, if you feel like this, you have most likely created your own idea of what a perfect relationship or person should be for you. If it ever came along and did not suit this idea, then it wouldn’t last long as it appears not to be perfect. You are waiting for a ‘Prince Charming’, when actually all you need is a kind person who suits your values. So instead of waiting for someone, step out and meet people.

2. Assuming you’re too old

Our twenties are a time for fun. New experiences, new friends. It’s all about getting out there, exploring and enjoying being young, single and carefree. But what happens when you reach a certain age and suddenly stop feeling young? When you start to feel like you’re too old for dating, that you’re somehow over the hill? This can be a dangerous assumption to make because all it does is create a gap, a space between where you are and where you really want to be.

Everyone has the right to fall in love when they want and find a loving partner. If you are lonely, remember that the best way to find a good partner is dating one. The Internet has made this process much easier by providing a chance for people from different countries to find each other and maybe even get married. Finding the right partner is like searching for a new job. Don’t sell yourself short!

There are so many things to think about, and so many different people to meet. If you doubt yourself and your age, date a younger man. It can be a lot of fun.

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3. Not making time for yourself

If you’re a single mother without any help, your dating life might get complicated. You want to be with someone who is going to accept your child and make a family out of your family. Don’t forget to make time for yourself when you first start dating someone. It’s great to share your love with someone else, but it’s important to keep your independence. A great relationship starts with a strong support system of friends, family, and passions – make it a priority to nurture these relationships even when you’re in a new relationship.

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