Coronavirus causing turmoil in your relationship? A psychologist has some advice

Coronavirus has definitely taken a toll on our relationships. This expert’s guide will help you deal with it.
covid and relationships
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Shreya Gupta Published: 26 Oct 2020, 05:47 pm IST
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The novel coronavirus has changed life as we knew it. There’s not an ounce of doubt that it has had a negative impact on our relationships. Some are struggling with maintaining their long-distance relationships while some couples have been fighting more frequently amidst the lockdown. Needless to say, the stress caused due to coronavirus has resulted in turmoil in our relationships.

Dr Bhavna Barmi, a renowned Delhi-based clinical psychologist, puts light on 2 keys ways in which coronavirus is affecting relationships:

1. Rise in conflicts

Spending each and every single second of your day with a person in a confined space can be extremely overwhelming. Not only does it restrict your personal space, but can also result in increased conflicts and fights.

“Unequal division of household chores between the partners while having to maintain a balance between office work and domestic work can become really stressful. These new developments have contributed towards conflicts between the partners,” says Dr Barmi.

2. Loss of romance

Coronavirus has forced everything to go online and romance is no different. No matter what, the passion and love get lost somewhere between the network connectivity and video calls. Dr Barmi says, “Young couples have faced issues in dealing with their relationships due to the social distancing aspect of the pandemic. Meeting a new person or dating someone has also become virtual which has made dating life a little difficult.”

covid and relationships
Your love is going to see you through this tough time. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
What you can do

It is important to remind yourself that just like any other phase in life, the coronavirus crisis will also pass and things will fall into place once again. No matter how far you are living from your partner or how frustrated it makes you feel, this will become a thing of the past one day. So, instead of worrying, remind yourself to be patient.

Dr Barmi says, “Communication is the key! You should be as direct as possible when expressing your concerns. Convey your feeling to your partner in a constructive way. Listen to your partner and let them express their concerns. Concentrate on arriving at a mutual conclusion.”

“Explain how you feel and tell your partner how their behaviour is impacting you. Try to understand the other person’s perspective as well,” adds Dr Barmi.

Last but not least, find productive ways of channelising your anger. Indulge in some exercise or mediation. If you feel things are getting out of hand, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

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