Breakup ke side effects: What drives women towards transformation

We often hear of sudden transformations in women, especially post a breakup. But why does that happen? Is there a particular reason behind this?
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Geetika Sachdev Published: 21 Dec 2021, 18:02 pm IST
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Celebrity Krishna Shroff, who is actor Tiger Shroff’s younger sister, has been the talk of the town for her impressive fitness levels. But if you are wondering what was the motivation behind her love for fitness, let us tell you it was her breakup. There are many people who flaunt their breakup bods after a dramatic split, and let’s just say it has become a growing trend.

In an interview with a media daily, Shroff had opened up about her toned physique, “I wasn’t just finding time for myself. When that whole chapter (relationship) ended in my life, I decided I wanted to do something for myself, and it had to be very transformational. Fitness has been that for me. It has not been just physical, but mental too. It has given me security and a sense of confidence that I never had while growing up.”

But what is it about breakups that motivate many women to embark on the journey of transformation – whether it is by way of workout or even a haircut? Devisha Batra, Senior Counseling Psychologist, IWill, shares more with Health Shots.

“The end of a relationship is a period that leads to various changes for people. People undergo both physical and emotional changes, while dealing with a breakup. Some experience self-doubt, while others have feelings of regret. Some undergo grief and anger or some may feel bad about one’s own self. Everybody approaches a breakup differently,” she adds.

What are some of the changes associated with breakups?

While a few people work on their physical attributes and appearance, others work towards being emotionally resilient. Batra reveals that findings have suggested that women are more likely to embrace fitness and engage in self-care post-split.

Splitting up with your partner sometimes makes you lose confidence and self-doubt.
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“One of the devastating concerns that a person endures during a breakup is loss of confidence and self-doubt. Some people may question their decision of breaking up, while others may question the reason that made them stay in the relationship.In order to focus on oneself and reduce the emotional turmoil, people start with small tasks and activities,” says Batra.

How can one engage in self-care post a breakup?

Deciding to eat one healthy meal a day or starting with five minutes of any form of exercise is a good start. When one becomes comfortable with this, stepping up on the fitness regime is beneficial. Exercising for people is a way to channelise their emotions, and in turn also makes them feel lighter. Slowly, it also helps in building motivation and helps in relaxation.

When one engages in self-care, say even by way of getting a haircut, or going for a tattoo, or even reading/writing, a mental shift of reducing disturbing thoughts comes into play to help a person become happier and productive. These small steps also lead to breaking the cycle or loop of those thoughts or memories related to the past relationship or oneself,” says Batra.

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The last word

Even if it’s a mutual decision to split, or has been done amicably, it is an ending that for some feels like a failure. The end of a relationship feels like you may be losing a part of yourself.

“Allowing oneself to process the feelings and work towards betterment is a journey in itself that involves acceptance of the situation. The end of any relationship is hard. So, caring about oneself can help experience self-growth and feeling whole again,” concludes Batra.

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