6 ways to bond with your MIL and keep her in good health

Despite the contrary notion that one can’t be friends with their MIL, these tips will strengthen your bond with your mother-in-law.
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These tips will bring you closer to your MIL. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 20 May 2022, 17:07 pm IST
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There is no unconditional love like that of a mother – whether it’s your own mother or your partner’s. Many women forget that she too must have birthed and nurtured her kids with tremendous efforts and sleepless nights. Hence, our mother-in-law deserves some love too. Times are changing and so should our relationship with our MIL. However, doing regular chores, we often miss out on taking care of her or acknowledging and expressing our love in return. Let us tackle this situation by doing special things to bond with your mother-in-law. Chuck all the expensive items, it is time to dive into some thoughtful gift options for her.

Mr. Kamyani Naresh, a health expert, spoke to Health Shots to roll out some interesting inputs to bond with your MIL.

Below are some effective ways to strengthen your bond with your mother-in-law:

1. Gym membership

Mental health is directly related to physical health. If any of them gets affected, the other one falls apart too. With her increasing age, the physical activity of your mom in law decreases. To ensure that she indulges in a daily dose of exercise, you can get her a gym membership that also holds online fitness lessons. This would help her workout anytime, from anywhere, and keep her mental health well. You can also get her enrolled in a yoga class. This will help her stay healthy, but it will also help her build a circle outside the home. You as a family will be happy if your mother-in-law, the driving force of the house remains happy and healthy.

These ways can help you bond with your mother-in-law and keep her healthy! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. A healing session

Sometimes, what we often ignore is what we generally need in our lives. Have you ever wondered about your MIL’s mood and why she’s feeling low sometimes? With the whole house to manage and take care of everyone’s individual needs, mothers can have difficulty finding time for themselves. If you think this is happening with your MIL, it is time to make her explore therapy.

“To help her keep up with her internal energies and mental strength, it is essential to know how to help her. Take her out to a life coach, a spiritual healer or sign her up for a meditation class. Don’t force her to do it but motivate her to give it a try. This can help her connect better with her emotions and reduce stress,” says Naresh, also the founder of Zyropathy.

3. Dietary supplements

With the growing age, the diet of a person reduces, and hence, the proper nutrition intake also becomes a problem. However, with the proper understanding and consultation, get her some dietary supplements that will fulfill their nutrition needs. This can be an excellent gift for your MIL’s well-being.

supplements for Covid-19
Supplements don’t come without their share of side effects. So, take expert advice before taking them. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Doctor consultations and tests

With the increasing age, health issues also arise. And what’s a better way to bond with your mother-in-law than keeping a tab on her health. Take your MIL to the doctor for regular checkups and get all the necessary tests done from time to time. This will help you understand if there is some health issue and treat it immediately.

5. Physiotherapy session

At this age, mothers generally complain about joint pains and body aches. To help them feel relieved, you can book a physiotherapy session for her. This would allow the physiotherapist to identify the pains, the causes of pain, and the right exercises.

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You can trust physiotherapy to keep your MIL’s pain and fatigue away. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. More accessible cooking solutions

Since cooking is considered as the primary task of mothers, you can change this notion by bringing in simpler options and helping her in the kitchen. Many brands offer ready-to-mix masala options that are easier to cook. And many innovative kitchen gadgets like choppers and grill pans can make cooking an easy breeze. Naresh suggests, helping with meal prep will help you bond with your mother-in-law better. Try to give her some rest and cook a nice meal for everyone in the family whenever you can.

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