A mental health expert shares 5 signs that you need couples therapy

We spoke to a specialist who highlighted 5 signs that there’s trouble in paradise and you need to look at couples therapy to make things better.
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Every relationship can work if you want it to work. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 18 May 2021, 04:11 pm IST
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The beginning of a new relationship, often described as the ‘honeymoon phase’, feels quite dreamy. From the nervous excitement to the euphoric joy, we put on our rose-tinted glasses when looking at the future. It is what comes after that which truly determines the longevity of a romantic union.

Your relationship with your partner will often go through highs and lows. There’s no doubt that you need to take active steps to maintain your relationship. But, what if you’ve tried and yet, failed to fix things? It’s safe to say that in such a situation, you should seek professional help.

In recent years, the field of couples therapy has gained attention. It is designed specifically to help couples deal with conflict and improve their bond. A mental health professional, usually over a couple of sessions, guides a couple regarding healthy ways of enhancing their relationship.

We spoke to Dr Rachna Khanna Singh, an acclaimed mental wellness, lifestyle, and relationship expert, who has been practising for over 20 years. She is the HOD of Holistic Medicine & Wellness at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon and also the Founder Director of The Mind and Wellness Studio. 

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Couples therapy can help to improve your bond. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Highlighting the importance of couples therapy, she said, “The moment a conflict arises, couples tend to involve family and friends. However, the advice they receive tends to be biased and based on personal opinion. Even the most well-meaning people may not be able to provide the couple with relevant advice. If you truly want to work on your relationship, it is important to visit a professional who can provide you with unbiased and non-judgmental advice.”

So, when do you know that it is time to seek help from a professional to save your relationship? Dr Rachna spoke of these five signs that you need to book an appointment for couples therapy:

1. Major life changes

There are so many changes a couple goes through together. Dr Rachna says, “If there is a scenario due to which you feel like your relationship is taking a turn you cannot handle, you can seek couples therapy. For example, when one partner gets an offer to work in a different country. Such changes can often lead to discord. It is wise to speak to a professional to navigate such phases instead of letting negativity develop.”

2. Communication problems

All couples argue once in a while but if the number of fights has been increasing, it could definitely point to trouble in paradise. According to Dr Rachna, “When discord between a couple grows, it often causes communication problems. From prolonged periods of going without speaking to one another to miscommunication that leads to further negativity, you should seek professional help when you reach a dead-end.”

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3. Different goals

We all grow and at times, it is in a different direction than our partner. You could be together for a considerable period of time before realizing that you both want different things from life. Maybe you want to concentrate on your career but your partner wants to start a family. Dr Rachna recommends couples therapy for such people to help them discuss their future plans and come to a conclusion where both are happy.

4. Cheating

Speaking about betrayal in a relationship, Dr Rachna said, “We see so many cases where the couple chooses to continue their relationship, in spite of instances of cheating. Be it physical, emotional or digital cheating, it needs to be processed emotionally to restore the health of your relationship. A professional can help with this and guide you regarding the way forward.”

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5. Feeling of monotony

Well, we can all testify to this one! When a relationship is long-term in nature, it isn’t too uncommon to develop feelings of monotony. Speaking about such a situation, Dr Rachna said, “It doesn’t just have to be discord! You can visit a professional for a fresh perspective on how to make your relationship more joyous. This will actually help you strengthen your connection with your partner.”

Couples therapy can be extremely helpful when it comes to keeping your romantic relationship healthy. Don’t hesitate to see an expert when you feel you need help!

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