A healthy relationship needs emotional maturity. Here’s why

Lacking emotional maturity can lead to a lack of tolerance and absence of sense of judgment. Emotional maturity helps us to embrace ourselves the way we are – imperfect and real.
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Being emotionally available isn't all that bad. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Tapatrisha Das Published: 8 Feb 2022, 11:42 am IST
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The more we grow up, the more we face situations that demand us to be more mature with the way we feel and the way we express our emotions. Lacking emotional maturity can lead to lack of tolerance and absence of the sense of judgement and therefore, not being able to tackle a situation. Emotional maturity also helps us to embrace ourselves the way we are – imperfect and real.

Nicole LePera, Psychologist, who goes by the name The Holistic Psychologist on Instagram, is known for breaking down complex human emotions with examples and also offer tips on how to deal with our emotions more maturely.

A day back, Nicole addressed the issue of the importance of emotional maturity in life

It is okay to feel two different emotions about the same experience – Nicole wrote that in case of a break up, we can feel angry and hurt and also miss the person.

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Have you checked your emotional quotient? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

It is okay to be unsure – It is not mandatory to have an opinion or take a side with a situation. Being unsure is also a part of growing up.

Making mistakes is natural – It is okay to not be able to judge people instantly, and we shouldnot beat ourselves when the person turns out to be different than we thought.

It is not mandatory to respond to every situation – Sometimes choosing to be silent and embracing inner peace is also a mature decision to make.

It is possible to be honest and empathetic at the same time – In case of a situation where you feel that your truth may hurt the person, deliver it in an empathetic way. That way you can be honest as well as not hurt the other person.

emotional maturity
Emotional maturity can light that spark again. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Take a pause before your emotions get the better of you – Throughout the day we feel a range of emotions. Sometimes it is healthy to take a pause and introspect before letting our emotions control our behavior.

Create healthy dynamics in life – Sometimes our parents can be wrong too. They are also human beings who are dealing with their own unresolved trauma. Emotional maturity also comes with the responsibility of creating a healthy space for us and the people around us.

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