8 tell-tale signs that the “log kya kahenge” syndrome is keeping you from being happy

Worrying about what others will say before taking major life decisions can rob you of happiness. Here are 8 signs that you need to stop.
signs that show that you are worried about what other think
Do you wonder about how others might view you before taking major life decisions? Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 26 Mar 2021, 11:57 am IST
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Do you base all your decisions on what others will think of you? The truth is that doing so will not lead to long-term happiness. In fact, this habit of constantly taking actions in life, keeping in mind how others will judge you, is bad for your emotional well-being.

See, there is no harm in doing things after taking into account the advice of others but you need to know when to press pause. This habit has the power of taking a toll on your happiness quotient and can play a significant role in you becoming a people pleaser. Basing all your decisions on social convention and what others will say only creates a void in your life which pushes you towards depression and loneliness.

The good thing is that you can change this by taking active steps to develop healthy habits. But, acceptance is the first step to change. Hence, you have to ask yourself if you’ve let the nagging worry about what others might say determine how your life turns out.

Here are 8 tell-tale signs that suggest you are worried about what others think of you:   
1. You find it hard to say no

There is no harm in saying no. Those who are worried about what others might think often avoid saying no. If this is something you do, you’re probably too worried about how others will view your decisions.

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2. You are more concerned about the opinion of others

You are extremely worried about the judgment you’ll receive from others if you do certain things. To avoid this, you do things as per the social conduct just to feel acceptable. It isn’t exactly the wrong way to function but your own decision might be more beneficial to you.

3. You find it hard to set boundaries

Every relation, personal or professional, should have some boundaries set in place. Doing so makes everything more healthy and prosperous. But, if you are finding it hard to do so because of being too worried about the opinion of others, then you need to change this habit and learn how to develop healthy boundaries.

4. You always think people are upset with you

Thinking that you might have upset someone even though that isn’t the case is a key sign that you’re too worried about what others think of you. You can’t take all the blame on yourself. In addition, doing so when you haven’t even done anything wrong can upset you to an extent that you can get stressed about it and get panic attacks.

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5. You always look for a second opinion

There is no harm to be doubly sure but at times, you need to believe in yourself. No one knows you the way you do. That’s why you need to follow your head and heart rather than seeking approval for what you want to do.

6. You feel you are indecisive

If you notice that you hesitate in speaking your mind out and in taking decisions, you might end up thinking that you’re indecisive. The truth is that you’re, in all probability, just too worried about the opinion of other people.

7. You have started playing the victim card

Trust us, only weak and shallow people do this. If you find yourself doing it too often, then you need to work it out. This tendency basically comes from not getting the kind of attention that you desire but clearly, this is not going to help you in any way.

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8. You are constantly pleasing others

When you are worried about others and want to look good in their eyes, then this is one trick that you’ll start using. But, the problem is that when you stop pleasing other people, they might find you fake. So, be careful about your actions and don’t let them be guided by the need to please those around you.

Instead of worrying about what others would say or think about you, it is always better to do what you truly want to do. It’s the only way to be happy, even if you fail.

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