After Gauri Khan’s dating advice for Suhana, 7 women reveal dating tips they’ve got from their mom

No matter how “old school” your mom sounds, she may always have words of wisdom to offer for your modern dating lives. We asked 7 women about the best dating advice given by their mother.
Gauri Khan's dating advice to Suhana is every mom's tip
Gauri Khan's dating advice to Suhana is every mom's tip! Image courtesy: Instagram | Gauri Khan, Suhana Khan
Purvi Kalra Published: 20 Sep 2022, 18:45 pm IST
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Film producer and designer Gauri Khan’s dating advice to her daughter Suhana Khan – “never date two boys at the same time” – on Koffee With Karan, is a sentiment every mom would share! We all know that if there’s a constant someone in everyone’s lives who can come to their rescue, then it’s hands-down a mother. Her unconditional love, sacrifice, and devotion toward her kids are unfathomable. Besides, she knows and wishes the best for her child, even if her child’s dating life is in the picture!

While everything about her “old-fashioned” dating life might not apply to yours, however, you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on some sage pieces of advice that might seem relevant. Considering she knows you inside out, she might help you discover some of your behavioral traits that are acceptable or unacceptable. Even though she might swoon at the idea of modern dating, she might also have some relationship tips to offer that could apply to your modern romance.

Check out Gauri Khan’s dating advice for Suhana right here!

So, to find out more about, Health Shots reached out to 7 women to know about the wisest, life-altering dating advice they have received from their mother.

Here’s what they had to share when asked ‘what is the best piece of advice your mother gave you?’

“Accept your imperfections and date a partner who has a passion in life”: Aastha Taneja, 26

Love and accept yourself first with all your flaws and imperfections was the best dating advice from my mom. Only when you come from a place of deep self-love can you expect your partner to treat and love you the right way. Another thing my mom told me was to look for a partner who is driven and passionate about at least something in life. If your partner carries the same drive and energy, he’ll be able to understand your desires and needs. And, he’ll never spare a chance to support you in your dreams.

“Relationships are not always 50-50”: Navjot Kaur Senghera, 23

Well, my mom told me that healthy relationships are not always a 50-50 thing. On your bad days, you might have just 20 percent to offer and your partner might give the remaining. Similarly, on days he feels low, you might bring more spark and life to the table to help him cope with that bad day.

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Best relationship tips
Every relationship is not the same. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Learn to let go of petty matters”: Harsimran Cheema, 26

Take time to listen and have strong and open communication with your partner, is the dating advice my mom shared with me. Also, she advised me to learn to let go of unnecessary stuff and to never carry my previous baggage to new beginnings with someone.

“Respect and friendship are important”: Vishali Arora, 25

Learn to respect your partner if you expect the same from him. Relationships are always about reciprocation. You always get back what you feed and nurture in your relationship. Also, always be on the lookout for a partner whom you can be friends with. After years of dating, when love fades away, friendship will keep you glued together.

“Don’t ditch anyone for selfish reasons”: Priya Laungani, 28

Never ditch anyone for your selfish means or be it anything, intentionally or unintentionally. My mom told me that a part of you and your partner goes into building a relationship, so never break someone’s heart when you are dating. A broken heart might take years to heal.

Heartbreak can be tough
A heartbreak can be tough to handle. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Don’t burden your partner to make you happy”: Manya Kotian, 28

My mom told me that my happiness is always my responsibility and I should never burden my partner with the job of making me happy. Also, how you are treated in the present is how he’ll treat you forever. That will never change, so be wise while making choices.

“Be financially independent”: Mansi Kalra, 25

The best dating advice my mother gave me was to be financially independent and learn to provide for yourself. Secondly, she told me to give priority to a person’s character over his riches.


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