These 7 relationship tips from a psychologist will help all couples out there find bliss

When it comes to relationships you shouldn’t be following any advice just like that. Rather, imbibe these golden rules from a therapist to find bliss.
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Shreya Gupta Published: 3 Nov 2020, 18:55 pm IST
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Even when you are happy in a relationship, things might not necessarily be perfect. In fact, you need to understand that no relationship is perfect—and each one of them has their own ups and downs. 

While the ups are usually a joy to go through, the low phase of relationships often come with unwarranted advice that can do more harm than good. So what do you do? Well, listen to an expert, who understands and can guide you better.

That’s why today we’ve got for you relationship tips from Kamna Chibber, HOD, Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences at the Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram.

She bestows this 7 pieces of relationship advice for all the couples out there who are seeking bliss: 

1. Communication is key

The importance of communication in a relationship cannot be emphasised enough. When you are with a person, communicating what you feel and think gets very important. Ms Chibber says, “Sharing experiences, thoughts and feelings helps build adequate understanding between you and your partner and further allows for the alignment of goals.”

2. Give feedback, but in a constructive way

You might feel that being straightforward is okay, but it’s not always right. “Instead of pointing out what is wrong, try and share what can be done in a more constructive way. It reduces the conflict between the both of you and increases the feeling of belongingness and mutuality,” she explains.

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3. Be willing to listen

While communicating your thoughts is important, listening to what your partner has to say is equally necessary. Ms Chibber says: “Listening to your partner is very important and it is equally essential that you attempt to internalize what is being shared. This allows your partner to feel included in what is going on and communicate care and affection.”

4. Don’t be dismissive towards your partner’s needs

“Being dismissive towards what your partner requires increases the levels of discontent between you both. So instead, try to be a little flexible to accommodate what your partner may desire,” suggests Chibber.

5. Build a collaborative process of discussion and engagement

When you are in a relationship, remember that you are a team and collaboration between you two is going to be helpful in creating an equal partnership. “Whatever happens it is the equal responsibility of both the persons. Keeping this in mind and allowing equal responsibility will ensure that there is equal ownership of the relationship,” she explains.

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6. Resolve conflicts and don’t brush them away

Ignoring a problem has never solved a problem, it has only aggravated the situation. So the next time when you think of brushing away problems remember how it can negatively impact the relationship.

“It is critical that you attempt to work through and resolve conflicts by looking at what happened and discussing what can be done to make things better,” explains Ms Chibber.

7. Create good moments

Build a healthy, happy relationship by focusing on the good moments more and make proactive, mutual efforts to move in a positive direction. These will allow both of you to feel a connection with each other even as difficulties and problems arise.

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