6 things to say to yourself when your self-confidence comes crashing down

A little pep talk can make you glide through the tough times with your confidence intact.
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Self-affirmation and love are the key to boost your lost confidence. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 17 Nov 2019, 16:17 pm IST
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A break-up, a job rejection, a series of failures, or simply body-image issues—life has its own ways of testing your confidence and that’s just the right time to have a meeting with your inner b***h and give her a pep talk to get back in the game—even stronger than before. Here are 6 things you can say in that conference with self to do just that:

1. Aal iizz well

The same mantra that helped Aamir Khan mint crores can help you feel better when life’s not in your stride or so you feel. Basically, knowing and understanding that just like the good days, even your bad days are numbered is the best approach to counter negative feelings about yourself.

FYI, this isn’t escapism or being over-optimistic. This is just reaffirming yourself that you have what it takes to get through the rough ride. Girls, you will stand back up on your happy feet and life will go on—no matter who left you, who let you down, who hurt you, how many job interviews you failed to crack or how you lost the promotion to a less-deserving colleague.

2. Excuse me, I am not a loser/failure, I am a learner

You didn’t start walking without falling a zillion times when you were still a baby. But turning into a babe now has probably made you forget that failure is just a chance to learn from your mistakes and rectify them to become better and that there is no success without struggle. Perhaps, when your confidence is going down the drain in times of turbulence, you must remind yourself about this one true fact.

3. Good work, I am proud of myself!

How about turning those self-berating talks into a pep talk and applauding yourself for how far you’ve come and how much better you’ve become than what you were. Remember, your competition is you, not some Sharma ji ki beti, okay?

4. Thank God!

Saying this is just a way of expressing gratitude or simply reminding yourself of the need for gratitude always. You might be in a bad state right now, but there a people facing bigger problems and struggles than you can ever imagine. Isn’t it better to be thankful and count your blessings instead then?

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5. I am my first priority

What you do/wear/see/hear/eat should appeal to you and not be done to please anyone else. So, when in a situation where you don’t feel confident about, say wearing a particular dress, tell yourself that you’re doing it to please yourself and not to make others like you.

6. There’s no one like me

If you can be Aamir Khan from 3 Idiots, why can’t you, for once be Kareena Kapoor from Jab We Met and become your own favourite person? Girl, there’s no one like you and you better tell yourself that more often.

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