5 tips to stop doubting your partner if you’re insecure about your relationship

Distrust in a relationship can spread like wildfire. So, to make your bond even stronger, follow these tips to stop doubting your partner
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You are likely to fight more if you compare your partner to another. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 11 Jul 2022, 17:30 pm IST
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They say, “Every rose has its thorns”. Well, so do relationships. Your life will inevitably have both highs and lows in different phases of life. Doubt in a relationship is one such issue. Doubt is an extremely powerful emotion. And doubting your partner can cause arguments, mistrust, and uneasiness.

This won’t just affect you. It may cause tension for both individuals in a relationship. Well, doubt is sometimes normal, but chronic doubting can harm one’s success and relationships.

The good news is that there are ways or tips to stop doubting your partner. Although it won’t happen immediately, but with an appropriate approach and attitude, you may start making changes to how you feel about yourself and your partner.

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Address your doubt and make an effort to let your partner know. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Health Shots spoke to Dr Sonal Anand, Psychiatrist, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road, Mumbai, to suggest some of the best ways to stop doubting your partner and boost trust.

Here are 5 tips to stop doubting your partner:

1. Analyse what is making you doubt in the first place

It is a very important step in order to stop doubting your partner. Before questioning your partner, ask yourself if it is your own fear that is making you have suspicious thoughts. Sometimes, past experiences can make one fill up with doubt regarding future relationships. So make sure that’s not the matter with you. If that’s the case, take some time to get clear about your thoughts, needs and wants in a relationship and work on yourself. If needed, take help from your partner.

2. Build up your own self-confidence

Having a low self esteem can cause issues in a relationship such as insecurities, not trusting your partner whole-heartedly and doubting him or her. Dr Anand also says, “Having low self esteem is a problem for many, and this can lead to having doubts about close people in the way they treat you and behave with you.” What’s the solution? Well, start writing a journal about your thoughts and include one good thing that you did that you are proud of or happy about. This will boost your confidence.

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Knowing who you are and what you want can be life-changing. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Acceptance

Accept that no relationship can be 100 percent perfect. All relationships have some element of ambiguity and mystery. There is no way to find a flawless partner. Misunderstandings are common. Sometimes you start taking each other for granted and move in a different direction, expecting your partner to follow you, but the partner might have a different perspective. It’s important to be on the same page. So accept and go forward.

4. Communicate with your partner

A solution to every problem in a relationship is to communicate your concern and fear with your partner. Dr Anand says, “Talk to your partner about your feelings. Make sure to express your doubts in a non judgmental manner and be careful of an aggressive tone. Talk about the reasons that make you suspicious rather than an outright confrontation.” So ladies, be candid with them and don’t take stress.

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It’s best to talk and resolve issues. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Distract yourself from negative thoughts

Learn to modulate your thoughts so that negative thoughts can be replaced by positive ones. If there is a chance that something is wrong , there is an equal chance that things are right. Practice deep breathing or similar relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety. Yoga and meditation also help. Do it with your partner for better effect .

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