5 signs that he’s serious about you!

Are you often confused if he's actually serious about you or just breadcrumbing you. These signs will help you figure it out.
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Shahzeen Shivdasani Published: 21 May 2022, 13:30 pm IST
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A man may say he is serious about you but if his actions don’t match his words, he probably isn’t. Sometimes, he may not say anything at all but actually show that he is all into you. If you don’t know what the signs are then you are probably going to be left wondering whether you should start investing your feelings in it or not.

Take a look at 5 signs that show you that he is already starting to get serious about you:

1. He talks about the future

If he talks about future plans and always includes you in the plan, then in his mind the two of you are already a ‘we’. This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to catch if he is really taking the bond seriously. That means he has thought ahead, and in each plan, he sees you right next to him!

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2. He prioritizes you

If you feel that you never have to overthink a text, a call, or a weekend plan, it’s because you are already prioritized. We only overthink when we don’t know how we fit into someone’s life because it is not consistent. However, if he calls when he says he will, texts you consistently, and is the one initiating plans then he is actively partaking in building and growing the bond between the two of you.

3. He is himself around you

If he is vulnerable around you or shows you a goofier side than his friends and you feel he is his most comfortable self with you, then he is surely serious about you.

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4. Introduces you to friends and family

When a guy takes this step, it means he’s happy with the way things are going, the bond you two share is important to him, and wants the people closest to him to know it and to meet you.

5. He wants to be the person you run to

If he is always there for you and makes time for you whenever you have an issue or need advice, then he wants to be the person you run to. He wants to create a space where the two of you can turn to each other at all times. And, isn’t that the definition of what a partnership truly is?

If you’ve found someone like him, you’ve already hit the jackpot, ladies! However, if not, tell yourself that you don’t deserve anything less and have a conversation with your partner about how you feel and work it out.

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