#HeartMatters: 5 red flags in a long distance relationship which tell you it’s time to let go

What are some red flags in a long distance relationship? Follow these signs if you're uncertain about where your love life is going!
Challenges of long distance relationship
Long distance relationship can have its own set of challenges. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sheetal Shaparia Updated: 22 Sep 2022, 11:58 am IST
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Long distance relationships have unique challenges that are not present in conventional relationships. Watch out for early tell-tale signs and red flags in a long distance relationship about your partner and his or her behaviour. It is these clues which indicate if your relationship is worth pursuing further or not.

Sometimes, couples can experience the benefits of long distance relationships. But the reality is all relationships see fights, misunderstandings, hurt, communication problems and strained times. We all have our doubts and suspicions at times. But are they enough for you to throw in the towel? How do you know if your partner is losing interest in a long distance relationship? Let’s find out.

Here are 5 major red flags in a long distance relationships:

1. You don’t talk anymore

Communication is key to the good health of any relationship, more so for long distance relationships. At the beginning of your relationship, you always wanted to talk to each other. You were aware of what the other person was doing all the time – texts, chats, audio/video calls, and you shared everything. But lately, there has been a steep decline in the frequency and depth of communication. Sometimes, you would find that you haven’t spoken for a week. Since you’re not physically present, some things might slip through the cracks.

It will never be the same as before. You might get busy, leading to the inability to communicate with your partner. However, if your calls and texts go unanswered and there are no concrete explanations, this is a warning sign.

long distance relationship
Communication is important for your long distance love life to survive. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Date nights aren’t as frequent

For any long-distance relationship to be robust, scheduling calls/date nights are crucial. So, it is concerning if they’re late for your calls and miss them altogether. Watch out if they’ve missed your scheduled call and don’t seem to have any convincing explanations. There are unforeseen situations occasionally, but they should not become a regular occurrence.

3. Uncertainty creeps in

Do you remember when you looked forward to phone calls at the beginning of your relationship? You had a smile on your face when you talked to them. You looked forward to speaking to them about everything. But lately, that has been declining, and you are unsure about your conversations with them. Your phone calls sound awkward, mechanical, and forced. And when the foundation of your relationship goes awry, getting it back on track is quite challenging. This may be a sign of an unhealthy long distance relationship.

4. Foreseeing a future without them

You find yourself planning a future that doesn’t include them. Both of you don’t intend on getting married or ever living in the same city. You either lack the courage to call it quits, or you don’t want to be responsible for the demise of your relationship, so you let it fizzle out. You don’t look forward to meeting them as often as you did before; things don’t seem right when you do. Making plans to meet your partner no longer excites you. But when this happens, if one of you always seems busy and has other excuses, beware.

social media and relationships
Is your partner hiding something on social media? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. They don’t have any social media accounts

It’s alright if certain people prefer not to be on social media. But it isn’t challenging to find information about people online. And, if your partner claims to have no or minimal digital footprint, they might be hiding something, and it is one of the red flags in a long distance relationship.

What makes a long distance relationship work?

A long distance relationship is built on trust, transparency, and commitment. People lie constantly, but our actions give us away. It is prudent to look for the red flags rather than take your partner’s words at face value. Who knows, paying close attention to these red flags will save you a lot of trouble.

Managing a long distance relationships may be challenging, but if you are sure about your partner and cherish the relationship, they might be your future.

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