A psychologist reveals 4 pieces of bad relationship advice you must never follow

People often tend to give relationship advice even though it might be counterproductive. Here are 4 pieces of advice you must steer clear of.
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Shreya Gupta Published: 21 Oct 2020, 18:34 pm IST
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Every relationship comes with its own ups and downs. And while happy phases are a pleasure to go through, moments that you spend fighting can be mind-numbing. When you’re going through a rough patch, friends and family usually come to your rescue–and thank god for that! 

Except, with their warm shoulder to cry on you also get lots of advice on how you can see these tough times through. Now, bear in mind that all they might want to do is support you. Their intention might be good, but advice? Not so much! 

Which is why we got Kamna Chhibber, head of the department, Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram to share the four pieces of advice you must never fall for:

1. “Maintain your stance”

“When someone says stay strong and maintain your own stance you shouldn’t be just following it. Because it is important to find ways to communicate with your partner. And even if you have made a stance you don’t necessarily have to maintain it. Instead, try understanding what your partner is trying to say,” says Dr Chibber.

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2. “You should be the dominating one”

First of all, both the partners have different roles and responsibilities to play in a relationship. And it is normal to take the lead role from time to time. Mutual respect and understanding between you and your partner are essential for a relationship to work and make it really strong.

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If your relationship isn’t your ‘happy place’, things need to get right.
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3. “Don’t compromise”

Dr Chibber says: “When you are in a relationship you don’t need to always compromise, but communicating and learning to understand each other’s perspective is necessary. Maintaining your empathy and sympathy is very critical in a relationship.”

4. “Don’t say anything when things are getting worse”

No relationship is perfect and conflicts and fights are all part and parcel of a relationship. No matter how much you try to be perfect, it is impossible to avoid any conflict. While many suggest that you should stay quiet and not make the situation worse.

However, it is better to resolve conflicts when they occur with a proper conversation. Suppressing your own feelings and waiting for the saturation point can be toxic and will do more harm than good.

So ladies! Discussing your feelings and conveying what you feel is the key!

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