10 ways to build intimacy without indulging in sex

Not only sexual, there are several emotionally-driven activities that can bring two people closer. Read on to know more… 

how to keep love alive in a relationship
Intimacy is not just of one type. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Gurpreet Kaur Published on: 14 Jul 2022, 17:56 pm IST
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If you are someone who is looking for intimacy with your partner, let us tell you that intimacy can take several shapes and forms. It may also be good to remember that not all of them are sexual. Did you know there are four different types of intimacy? There are emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical forms of intimacy. Most of us think of only physical or sexual intimacy, without realizing that you can also enjoy non-sexual forms of intimacy with your loved one.

Moreover, keep in mind that non-sexual intimacy can be the lead up to sex, but it doesn’t always have to. There are several emotionally-driven activities that can simply be ways to bring you closer together and to deeply connect in other ways.

Mental health expert Dr Lalitaa, in her recent Instagram post, reveals different non-sexual forms of intimacy. “Work on remaining open and vulnerable. Encourage deep sharing and make time for it without distractions. Ultimately, boost intimacy in ways that make you comfortable and bring delight to each other. Relish your connection and make the most of love,” she mentions in her post.

Here’s how to build intimacy in non-sexual ways:

1. Verbal affection and admiration

Always try to praise your partner and make sure they feel admired and appreciated. It will make your relationship better.

2. Small gifts and gestures

Always shower your loved ones with gifts and small gestures, be it on anniversary, birthday or any special occasions.

3. Genuine compliments

Make sure to link your compliment to something you genuinely feel. Be authentic and specific with your compliments.

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4. Words of affirmation

Words of affirmation are just positive words and phrases that are used to uplift someone. So if your loved one is feeling low, offer them affirming thoughts.

5. Holding hands

Holding hands is one of the major things that you can do if you want to feel intimate with your partner in a non-sexual way.

Emotional intimacy is a big part of making your relationship strong. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Being together while not saying anything

Sometimes, if you and your partner are that close that you are spending time with time without feeling the need to say anything. Aim for that form of communication.

7. Sharing dreams and goals

With your partner, share your dreams and goals while aspiring to build your life together.

8. A big, long hug

A hug is an essential form of physical touch and it can create a sense of intimacy, security, emotional support, friendship, and love.

9. Talk together about a book/podcast or article

Watch shows together or read a book together in order to enjoy time. You can always discuss a podcast or article to have something interesting to talk about.

10. Establish rituals together

With your partner, set time aside every week to create your own special activity. Lastly, think simply and nothing extravagant.

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