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Yesterday: Jun 25 Leo

Dear Leo, you will wake feeling energetic and this will motivate you to start following a healthy diet. You will avoid eating junk food and also start exercising.

At work, you need to stop making things personal. You need to take criticism as constructive feedback and not an insult.

You will spend the evening with your family members as a sibling will turn to you for some career related advice. Don’t be too harsh on them for wanting to make their own choices.

Singles will reconnect with someone they were not interested in, at that time.

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Today: Jun 26 Leo

Dear Leo, you need to look out for your health nowadays as Your health is going to be unstable and additionally take a toll on your emotional well-being. Some individuals feel anxious if they need to make several commitments promptly. These could involve family, work, and health-related activities. The last half of the day is going to be higher as long as you don’t skip your meals.

On the work front, things are going to be stable, however agitated. You may be the center of attention and should brainstorm, as well as seek external assistance or recommendations. of suppressing it, addressing it and clearing the air with it.

According to the family horoscope, your partner is going to be feeling emotionally overpowered owing to their weak health and insecurities from the past that are cropping up. 

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Month: June 2022 Leo

The hectic pace this year means that more than ever you must take out time to unwind. There may also be physical and mental exhaustion as a result of the illness. There may be some anxiety about doing the chores around the house, but it won’t last. It’s pressure, pressure and more pressure but most of this is of your own making, so it can be kept under control. Include physical activity in your routine and your health will get really well. Your physical health depends upon your emotional health. Do meditation to get clarity of thought. Short holidays or the occasional weekend break may be just enough to cool your hothead approach.

Having a sore knee can be a nuisance. Issues with the back or knee might crop up at the beginning of the month. In the middle of the month, this issue might get worse but will go away in some time. Make sure you avoid soft drinks because you are prone to tonsillitis. One more important thing to do is avoid processed food and packaged food as much as possible. To keep yourself in good shape, go for a morning jog or walk. Take regular rests and do not exhaust yourself .Watch  comedy movies to ease your tensions Sometimes take Ashwagandha. Stay happy. Stay healthy. 

About the expert:

Mr. Pankaj Khanna is a Delhi-based astrologer and gemologist. He is the chairman of Khanna Gems.


Year: 2022 Leo

As per the 2022 health horoscope, the Leo natives might enjoy stable health during the beginning of the year (January to April), you might face health issues like blood pressure, viral infection or indigestion later on. There might be chances of you getting infected by diseases and injuries in 2022, and it is highly advised that you take complete care of yourself, especially while traveling.

Modifications in lifestyle by adopting good food habits can help you be healthy and in better condition. It is possible that you feel low on energy and vitality at the beginning of the year. With the aspect of Jupiter in your sign, you are likely to feel bloated and notice a sudden increase in your body weight. You must be very particular about the food you eat as you can turn obese during this period.

If you’re diabetic or have an enlarged liver, you might face trouble and you may have injuries in the lower part of your body. If you have arthritis, this might be a tough time for you. Problems like knee pain, joint pain and major hair loss might concern you. You might not be able to get involved in fitness plans and activities and feel too lazy. However, you will need to come out of your cocoon and practice some exercises to keep yourself pain-free during this time.

Eating stale food might not be good for you, as it will lower down your energy level and make you feel exhausted. Exercise and sports will help you restore your lost energy and help you to be active. There are possibilities of getting partially recovered from your past sickness and regaining your fighting spirit. However, during the year end, you are likely to be prone to bile and blisters in your stomach. Hence, avoid consumption of hot food and increase liquid intakes, in order to keep yourself healthy.

Health Tip: Motivation gets you started. Habit gets you going.

Meet the Astro expert: Sheetal Shaparia, Life Coach and Astrologer. She is a Life Coach who helps people in terms of love, money, career, happiness and experience the peace of knowing the right path to travel in life. Sheetal is also a Tasseographer and an Astrologer.

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