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8 facts about HIV AIDS all millennial women with multiple sex partners must know

Getting stressed about HIV and AIDS is not the solution. But being aware of what this disease entails and how you can keep yourself safe is important.
The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) targets the immune system and weakens people's defense against many infections. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 1 Dec 2020, 14:29 pm IST
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Being educated is being safe. This statement makes absolute sense especially when it comes to HIV and AIDS. It’s Word AIDS today and how can we not commemorate this day, as till date a lot of people don’t take the risk of HIV AIDS seriously. 

Can you belive that unsafe sex is still THE biggest cause behind HIV infection? What is worse is that till date people feel offended when asked to get tested for HIV. 

There are so many facts about AIDS that you might be unaware of, but which can make life so much easier even if you get this infection. 

That’s why it is important for you to know these eight facts about AIDS: 

Fact 1: Being HIV positive doesn’t mean you have AIDS

Movies have been made and even the internet is flooded with various documentaries that say it out loud that you could be HIV positive and not have AIDS. AIDS is basically the last or the most aggravated stage of being HIV positive, and timely diagnosis can go a long way.

latex-free condoms
You can have safe sex even without latex condoms! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Fact 2: Women are more likely to get HIV infection

It’s sad but true. The reason behind this is that a woman’s vagina has a larger opening which gets exposed to the virus. Another problem is that semen can stay in a woman’s vagina for days which also increases the exposure time for the virus to penetrate.

Fact 3: Just like a blood test, the HIV test is also for everyone

It’s simple: early diagnosis means early treatment, which is equal to long and healthy life. Just like you get your hemoglobin levels checked, you should get a HIV test if you are sexually active. Just consult with your doctor.

Fact 4: You can safely become a mother even if you are HIV positive

Yes, you can totally enjoy the pleasure of being a mother even if you are HIV positive. According to the World Health Organisation, a great majority (85%) of pregnant and breastfeeding women living with HIV also received ART or antiretroviral therapy, which not only protects their health, but also ensures prevention of HIV transmission to their newborns. The chances of your child getting affected are less than one per cent.

Fact 5: HIV doesn’t always mean low life expectancy 

When you have the HIV infection, your immunity goes for a toss. But if you lead a healthy, active, and a stress free life then you can certainly increase your longevity. Taking your medicines without fail is the key here as they help in lowering the viral load by leaps and bounds.

World AIDS Day 2020
No used syringes please! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Fact 6: Medi claim policies also cover HIV/AIDS

You might like to live your life free like a bird, but medical insurance doesn’t harm anyone. The bitter truth is that in India there are very few medical insurance companies that offer coverage against this disease. So ensure you choose a plan that does. 

Fact 7: If your partner has an HIV infection, you can still  be safe 

Taking pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) after consulting with your doctor can prevent the transmission of this virus. You will be shocked to know that taking a pill daily can reduce the chances of you getting the infection by 90%. Having said that, condoms are still a must if you are getting involved sexually. 

Fact 8: It is extremely rare for lesbian couples to get HIV infection

According to various studies it has been seen that HIV infection persists in men to men sexual encounter due to anal sex but when it comes to lesbian couples it is rarely seen. However, if there are any sexual toys involved then there is some likelihood of transferring the virus. So, watch out. 

  • 68
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