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Sexual aftercare is as important as foreplay: Here’s why

Just like foreplay is important to get aroused before sex, similarly, sexual aftercare helps your body regulate itself after a steamy sesh.
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Geetika Sachdev Published: 19 Mar 2022, 06:32 pm IST
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When you hear of the term ‘aftercare’, what comes to your mind? It sounds like a process post an injury or probably after surgery. But can you associate it with sex? No, right? Well, that’s exactly why we are here to speak about sexual aftercare – a subject that is often neglected.

In a recent Instagram post, gynecologist Dr Yuvraj Jadeja touched upon the subject that many are not really aware of. So, what exactly is sexual aftercare? In his words, “It is time devoted to caring for each other after sex. Aftercare should always be a part of sex, just like foreplay.”

sexual aftercare
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When we indulge in sex, chemicals like oxytocin, dopamine, and prolactin are all released. Aftercare helps to regulate your body after a steamy sesh. It also ensures that you experience intimacy and vulnerability in your relationship, much beyond an orgasm.

What does sexual aftercare include?

Aftercare can include cuddling, pillow talk, discussing things that went well, having a snack, watching a TV show together, hugging, or even taking a shower together. “Sexual aftercare differs from couple to couple, so ask your partner what they need. It is also essential, as a receiver, to ask for what you need,” he adds.

Why is sexual aftercare important?

Before you practice sexual aftercare, remember asking for consent is important, just like during sex. Also, Dr Jadeja puts it across succinctly, “Let’s admit it, sex is vulnerable. We don’t want to feel tossed aside after sex, which is why aftercare makes sure that everyone is respected, so they can feel good about themselves after a sexual experience.”

It doesn’t really matter what equation you share — you could be friends with benefits, in a long-term relationship, one-night stand, or you may be married. Aftercare is just as important.

Aftercare doesn’t really have to be challenging; it can be taken care of in small ways that can also help to make sex more pleasurable in the long run.

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cuddles after sex
Snuggling after sex gives a new high altogether. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Aftercare can relieve sexual shame

We live in a society that still considers sex taboo, and this can bring up feelings of shame and guilt. With the help of aftercare, these feelings can be reduced. As Dr Jadeja rightly says, “It can also diminish any post-sexual shame, making you feel more emotionally whole afterward.”

Ladies, whether you have good old vanilla sex or indulge in kinky experiences, you need aftercare. If you don’t practice this, you may feel disconnected from your body, and in turn, the person who you are having sex with. Make sure you communicate what you feel with the person you have sex with.

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