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Want to feel sexier? Try out these 5 tips and get your groove back

Has drudgery taken over your life? Do you miss feeling sexy? Worry not, these simple tips will help you get your mojo back, and make you feel smoking hot.
how to feel sexy
Geetika Sachdev Published: 3 Jun 2021, 05:19 pm IST
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Who doesn’t want to feel desired, right? But sometimes, life takes over, and we forget to take care of ourselves. Let’s get this straight—contrary to popular perception, feeling sexy doesn’t just boil down to getting compliments for your appearance; instead, it’s all about your self-confidence. In a nutshell, it means feeling good in the skin you’re in, and valuing yourself. 

So, are there any tips and tricks that can make you feel sexier? Hell YES! Go ahead and experiment. Don’t forget to tell us how it makes you feel! 

1. Focus on how you dress

Well, it doesn’t really mean you have to get a new wardrobe. But wearing well-fitted clothes makes you feel confident, and we just can’t deny it. Fashion is all about self-expression, and that’s what we love about it. Every person has an individual style, so how about using clothes as props to showcase your personality? We think it’s a great idea. Oh, and there’s literature to prove it too. 

In her 2012 book You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You, clinical psychologist Dr Jennifer Baumgartner has spoken about the psychology of dress. “.The worst clothing is the kind that tries to undo, ignore or hide where or who you are, or the kind that shows you didn’t pay attention to your body/age/situation,” says Baumgartner.

Dressing well is not about looking good to others; instead, it’s all about how you feel about yourself.

2. Healthy eating is a must

There’s a reason why they say ‘you are what you eat’. That’s because the food you eat provides your body with all the energy you need to function properly.  When you consume a nutritious diet, you are giving your body all the TLC, which then reflects both on the outside and inside. Nutrient-rich foods do not just help to boost your energy, but also help you with a shapely body and radiant skin.

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3. Work out regularly

No prizes for guessing, but working out regularly is a must along with healthy eating. When you exercise, your body will undergo certain changes that will give you a sense of achievement. It will boost your confidence, and make you feel sexy and how! And let’s just tell you it isn’t just good for your body, but also your brain.

how to feel sexy
Get back in touch wth your sexy side. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

According to Harvard Medical School psychiatrist and author of the book Spark: The Evolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, John Ratey, “Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning.”

What’s more, exercise also helps to bring down stress levels. That in itself makes you feel sexier. Doesn’t that sound legit?

4. Flirt, flirt, flirt

You may think this sounds bizarre, but guess what? Flirting can really make you feel sexy. It isn’t just about attracting attention from men, but it also makes you feel you’re out there. Plus, when you feel confident, you don’t have to wait for a man to make the first move. Instead, men love it when a woman approaches them! You could try your luck with a witty pick-up line (ignore cheesy ones, please) or make eye-contact — ooh, that’s sexy for sure!

5. Wearing sexy lingerie

This is a no-brainer, isn’t it? There are all kinds of options available today — from soft, satin and lace undergarments to all kinds of colour combinations and styles, trust us the world is at your feet when it comes to lingerie. Pick something that makes you feel comfortable and sexy, and trust us, it will have a magical effect on you. It isn’t necessary that you need to have a steamy session in the bedroom. Wearing sexy lingerie can just uplift your mood, and it’s completely worth it. 

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