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This is the only guide you will ever need on female condoms. You’re welcome!

If you’ve been wondering about female condoms and whether they actually work, we’re here to tell you all about them.
female condom
Female condoms are safe and comfortable. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Published: 16 Feb 2021, 03:36 pm IST
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Whenever you hear of the word ‘condom’, the first thing that comes to mind is the social taboo associated with the product. Oh, and also that they are made for men! Unfortunately, for the longest time, the care and comfort of women were conveniently ignored. They had to take irritation and any other issues in their stride because how else could they have safe and protected sex, right?

The good news is there are condoms specifically made for women. Yes, you heard it right. A female condom is a long plastic pouch that is generally made of nitrile which is a latex-free rubber. The condom lines the walls of your vagina, collecting semen and other fluids. It goes inside your body during sex. 

Here’s how to use a female condom

You might wonder how to use a female condom, but it is as simple as using a tampon! First of all, remember to use a fresh condom every single time you have sex. Since the condom is extremely thin, make sure you open it carefully so that it doesn’t tear.

Some things you must always keep in mind: 

  • Make sure you insert the condom before your vagina comes in contact with the penis.
  • Apply a lube at the closed end of the condom.
  • You might find it hard to insert the condom initially. So, try and find a comfortable position to do it. You could do it while squatting, lying down or while standing.
  • Squeeze the ring on the closed end of the condom and insert it properly in your vagina, just like you do with a tampon.
  • Release the ring so that it opens and stays intact.
  • The ring on the other end hangs outside your vagina. 
Are female condoms effective?

Well, this is a burning question because everyone wants to know if it actually performs the function it is supposed to. So, female condoms work as well as male condoms, provided you insert them correctly. Research suggests they are 95 per cent effective which is great news! This doesn’t mean you are free from the risk of getting STIs, but you’ll be reducing your risk by quite a considerable degree.

female condom
A female condom might make sex more pleasurable for your partner. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Benefits of female condoms

There are various benefits of female condoms: 

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  • You can easily put one eight hours before sex so that your mood doesn’t get interrupted. 
  • Women can wear them even if their partners don’t want to. 
  • Unlike male condoms, female ones are not made of latex which is a material known to irritate the skin. 
  • These condoms stay intact, even if your partner loses the erection. 
  • You don’t have to remove them immediately after sex so that you can enjoy the moment more. 
Disadvantages of female condoms

There are, however, some disadvantages you want to keep in mind:

  • They can slip out during sex
  • They can irritate your partner’s skin. 
  • Sex might be a little less intense. 
  • They need a little more lubrication. 
  • They only come in one size.
  • They are more expensive than male condoms. 

So, ladies, it’s never a bad idea to try out something new. We feel female condoms should definitely be given a chance! What do you think?

  • 88
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