The mystery of multiple orgasms: Do they really exist?

Published on: 27 December 2020, 18:15 pm IST

As pleasurable as orgasms are, there are many women who struggle to achieve just the one during intercourse. This begs the question: do multiple orgasms really exist then?

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Do multiple orgasms exist? And if they do, how can you achieve them? Find out all that and more, here. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
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Orgasms are considered to be the peak of sexual excitement. This powerful sensation of pleasure varies from woman to woman, and so does the number of orgasms a woman can experience in one go. 

While on one hand, many women find it difficult to reach climax even once during sexual intercourse, there are many women who can achieve multiple orgasms according to the International Society for Sexual Medicine. 

Turns out that multiple orgasms are common

It is believed that a woman can orgasm anywhere between one to five times during a session, but then again it completely depends from person to person. Moreover, a 2016 study also noted that about 8% of women participants said it was easy for them to achieve multiple climaxes.

Another study published in the journal Cesc Psychiatry said that about one-third of the female participants have had multiple orgasms. So, you see it is quite possible to climax more than once in a session.

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But how is this EVEN possible?

Unlike men, women have very short refractory periods, i.e. the time to recover from the previous orgasm. This allows women to achieve another ejaculation again. This gives women an extra edge over men to reach multiple orgasms at a given time. 

Let’s understand female orgasms shall we? Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Here are a few techniques that you can follow to reach multiple orgasms:
  1. Clitoral stimulation to reach big O: According to a 2017 online survey, most women reach orgasm with the help of clitoral stimulation.

  2. Have sex for a longer time: A study published in the journal Socioaffective neuroscience & psychology found that intercourse that lasts more than 15 minutes increases the chances of multiple orgasms. So, slow down the pace. This will give you the time for the refractory period, achieve climax more than once.

  3. Try masturbating: There’s no need to shy away from it because masturbation also helps you understand what is going on down there. Moreover, when you masturbate you also learn what helps you reach climax better and faster.

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