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Mystery of the G-spot, solved! Here’s how you can find it in 4 steps

While scientists still debate whether the G-spot exists, follow this research-backed guide to finding your hallowed zone for a mind-blowing orgasm.
Reach the big-O with this guide. GIF courtesy: Giphy
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 2 Dec 2019, 04:41 pm IST
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Some say it exists, others claim it’s a myth. You can’t see it–but, perhaps you can feel it. If you feel it, you wonder once again if it really exists. This isn’t riddle we’re asking you to solve. Rather, we’re talking about the infamous G-spot.

G-spot, the unicorn of sex
It began in the 1940s when a German gynaecologist named Eric Grafenberg happened to find a highly-sensitive erogenous zone inside the vagina, which upon stimulation could lead women to orgasm.

Years later in the 1980s, this magical ‘orgasm button’ was named the ‘G-spot’ after him. Though there’s sure-shot evidence of the founder Mr G’s existence, but whether his discovery really does dwell within the vagina is debatable.

While several studies like the one published in the journal Clinical Anatomy have dismissed the existence of any such zone, others like a 2018-research published in the Turkish Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology claim that many women actually do report the existence of the G-spot.

While the jury is still out on the G-spot, we choose to see the bright side. With our optimism intact, today we’re suggesting these science-backed ways of finding your G-spot so that you can experience the ultimate sexual Nirvana:

Step 1: Turn on your vagina’s Google Map first
To actually be able to find your G-spot, it’s imperative to know where it supposedly exists in your body. According to a case study published in the Journal of Sex Research, the bean-shaped G-spot is around 1.5 to two centimetres long and is located 1 to 3 inches up the anterior vaginal wall–between the vaginal opening and the urethra.

Step 2: Let your fingers do the word
It is usually recommended to relax before you set out to explore your body. Once you’re lubricated enough down there, insert a finger two to three inches inside the vagina and move it in a ‘come-hither’ motion while aiming for an upward stimulation.

Step 3: Know how it feels so that you can identify it
If you are trying to locate your G-spot, know that it’ll feel slightly rougher than the other regions of your vagina and upon touching, you might feel an urge to pee. However, if you keep stimulating this area, it can get enlarged by 50%, as per the Journal of Sex Research, and might lead you to an orgasm.

Step 4: Partner with your partner to find it
Ladies, in case you want your G-spot to be hit during sexual intercourse, certain sex positions such as the cowgirl, doggy style, and closed missionary can help your case as they allow deeper penetration. With such a high probability of your partner’s penis hitting the spot, you might get what you wished for.

Now that we’ve given you this roadmap, go forth and discover.

  • 66
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