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5 mistakes women should not make in bed for a healthy sex life

Do you and your partner always give up midway in sex because your insecurities get the better of you? Stop making mistakes like these in bed if you want to enjoy sex.
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Avoid these mistakes in bed for a pleasurable sex life. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Arushi Bidhuri Published: 15 Feb 2024, 23:07 pm IST
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When your fingers intertwine, sexual attraction and desire is on a high and things get steamy, the last thing you want is to stop. But you might have to stop if you keep making certain mistakes in bed. It is okay to be nervous at first but you can’t let the butterflies in your stomach ruin your experience in bed each time. While there are no hard and fast rules about sex, there are some common mistakes women make in bed. From trying to fake the big O to not using the right pleasure products, avoid these for a fulfilling sex life!

5 mistakes women make in bed

Here are some of the common sex mistakes women make in bed and should avoid to increase pleasure and enjoy the experience, according to sexual health educator Leeza Mangaldas.

1. Faking an orgasm

Faking orgasms is not a new thing, and if you constantly find yourself faking it, you should stop! In fact, this is the most common mistake women make. Sex needs to be enjoyable and should be filled with pleasure, which you won’t feel if you fake it. “It will only get you stuck in a loop of putting up with moves you don’t actually enjoy,” Leeza Mangaldas wrote on Instagram in a recent post.

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couple in bed
Faking an orgasm is a mistake you should avoid making in bed. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

2. Worrying about physical appearance

Are you worried about how you look, taste, or smell? While it is common to worry about your looks (sometimes), not to the point where you can’t enjoy your sexual experience like you would want to. What you should be doing instead is to be present at the moment and start enjoying your experience. What you need to do is stop worrying and start enjoying the experience!

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3. Going along with everything your partner says

Physical intimacy is all about pleasure and experiments, but it should be based on mutual understanding. If you are going along with stuff you don’t actually like to do, you will get irritated at some point or the other. Mangaldas says, “It’s okay to say no if you’re not keen on doing something.” If you are not comfortable and you are in a healthy relationship where your partner respects you, this will listen.

4. Being silent

Your partner should know if you like something or not! A little moaning if you’re enjoying yourself will make your partner also feel good. The next time you get into bed with him, don’t hesitate to express what you like or want to do. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and a little confidence and assertiveness go a long way in a sexual relationship. If you don’t know what you like, maybe you need to practise some self-love before you tell your partner about your preferences.

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Be vocal about what you want from a relationship. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Not using lube

A lubricant or lube is a gel or liquid that you use while having sex. It helps prevent friction that may make the experience uncomfortable or painful. Using a lube can be more beneficial for people who are prone to dryness. Leeza calls a lubricant a “game changer that makes the experience more comfortable.” So, why not try it the next time you want to make sex more pleasurable?

Now that you know the common mistakes women tend to make in bed, you should avoid them to lead a healthy and pleasurable sex life!

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