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Lube is the unsung hero of sexual wellness: Leeza Mangaldas explains why

Lubricants are great for enhancing sexual pleasure. Leeza Mangaldas shares her insights on how lube is the unsung hero of pleasurable sex.

Make lubricant your best friend
Make lubricant your best friend. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 13 Sep 2021, 18:00 pm IST
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Think about it: just as the lubricants available at the petrol pump are designed to make your vehicle work with less friction, and wear and tear, a sexual lubricant (available at pharmacies and online medical stores), allows for sexual intercourse to be smooth, fun, and pain free!

It’s a simple anomaly, but perhaps something we never thought about really, until model, journalist, TV host, and actress, Leeza Mangaldas, brought it up in her Instagram.

At the very onset, Leeza mentions in her text caption, that the word lube or lubricant, in general means a substance that reduces friction and makes things move more smoothly. And she took the chance to steer attention towards how lubricants are the using hero of pleasurable sex. Sharing a video post, Leeza could be seen at a petrol pump, pointing towards a sign which says “lube station”.

benefits of lubes
Using a lube will make sex more enjoyable. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Here’s how lube contributes to pleasurable sex

As per research published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, lubricants are helpful for achieving sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Leeza said in her post that, “pain during sex is often the result of insufficient lubrication.” So, in case painful sex is a concern, lube can be really helpful in that regard. She further points out how using a lube can elevate sexual pleasure, and make masturbation feel better as well.

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This is what lube is made of:

In her post, Leeza highlights that lubricants for sex are made of safe ingredients, unlike the lubricants used at the gas station. She warns, “you never want to put engine oil on your genitals.”

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Where to start from?

Leeza pointed out that, “a water based sexual lube is a good place to start if you’re wondering what sexual lube to buy.”

When it comes to lube, Leeza conveyed that the product is easily available and affordable in the market, and mentioned how there is a growing trend of using homegrown health and wellness brands, as well as condom brands, that manufacture lube.

From personal experience, she adds, “I think good lube is an awesome addition to sex! If you haven’t used it before, try it, it’s pretty game changing!”

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Besides water based lubes, oil and silicone based sexual lubes are also available. Leeza talks about how they dry less quickly than water based lubes. However, they could cause the condom to tear, and silicone based lubes are not often compatible with silicone sex toys.

Leeza concludes that, “in general, water based lube is a good place to begin your explorations, if you’re new to lube.” Its advantages, as entailed by Leeza, are that it tends to be the most easily available variant, and is compatible with condoms and all sex toys. Furthermore, it’s easy to wash off, and it won’t stain your sheets!

So, ladies, take charge of your sexual wellness, and explore using a lube!

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