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How to kiss: Master the art of kissing with these tips

Whether you are kissing for the first time or not, a how-to kiss guide can be of great help. Read on to find out how to kiss perfectly.
Kissing tips for couples
Try these kissing tips to fill your special moment with passion! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Natalia Ningthoujam Published: 31 Aug 2023, 21:35 pm IST
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A kiss is an expression of love – a way to show affection, passion and romance. Depending on how you kiss, it can be a forgettable or unforgettable experience. But knowing how to kiss for the first time and doing it right every subsequent time, can be a game-changer for your love story. But some people still make kissing mistakes or forget to pay attention to oral hygiene before kissing. So, we bring a how to kiss guide to help you with the art of kissing!

Before you learn how to kiss, we want you to know that it is perfectly okay not to have a perfect kiss for the first few times. It’s an experience that gets better with time. Now let us get down to some basic kissing tips!

Tips to kiss properly

Kissing is not just a physical need, but also improves emotional bonding between two people, says Dr Sharmila Majumdar, Director and Chief Sexologist, Sexual & Mental Health Clinic, Hyderabad. The expert shares some important things you shouldn’t miss before you kiss.

1. Consent is important

If there’s one thing that the fantasy world of cinema has taught us, it’s the fact that there is never a right time to share a kiss. The more spontaneous it is, the better it is. But if you can pre-empt it, knowing that you are going out on a romantic date or for a special moment, you can always be a little prepared. Moreover, what films forgot to teach us is the importance of consent. A sudden kiss may seem like your perfect idea of romance, but it is always better to ask before you kiss or be asked before you are kissed. Trust us, it may be more romantic and respectful that way!

2. Avoid banging foreheads

Do noses bump while kissing? Do foreheads bang while trying to kiss? Well, the answer is ‘no’ if you know how to kiss properly. It doesn’t mean you will get it right the first time. It may, in fact, turn out to something you will remember for life and have a laugh over in future. But still, if you want to avoid this situation, try to guide your partner’s face to the side, and simply be gentle while doing so.

3. Make eye contact

You may kiss with your eyes closed, but to take your intimacy level up, maintain direct eye contact while leaning in for a kiss. It will increase the passion with which you kiss and may end up making things less awkward.

4. Lean in for a kiss

Want a scintillating build-up to the kiss? Lean in closer to your partner, observe their body language and build some healthy tension before you begin kissing. It will be like a playful tease that may naturally get your partner more interested and involved in locking lips.

5. Take it slow and gentle

Passion cannot be mistaken for aggression. There’s nothing quite like a gentle, delicate and tender kiss. Let the kiss be slow and keep your mouth relaxed, without feeling or putting much pressure.

6. Lengthen the kiss

If you’ve liked the experience of a kiss, you may wonder ‘How can I make my kiss longer?’ If you want to lengthen the kiss, try different levels of pressure. A peck or lip kiss may soon turn to the ultimate French kiss, involving your tongues. To achieve this, try to work your way from your partner’s top lip to their bottom lip.

7. Remember that it takes two to kiss

If you have doubts about the length or pressure, mirror what your partner is doing. A good kiss is about two people and not just about one person. It’s a give and take experience, after all!

8. Use your hands

Kissing is not all about lips and tongues. Wondering whether you should use your hands while kissing? Well, use them to increase your body contact while locking lips. You can place one hand around your partner’s neck and the other to stroke their hair. Alternatively, you could hold your partner by the waist.

9. Don’t miss oral hygiene

A sweet chance to kiss may turn sour in the presence of a lack of oral hygiene in either of the two partners. These kissing tips may be waste if your mouth smells. To know some basic oral hygiene tips for kissing, stay with us and keep scrolling!

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Health benefits of kissing

Yes, we will tell you all about keeping your breath fresh and sweet, but let us first tell you about the health benefits of kissing!

Kissing your partner
Kissing has health benefits. image Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Kissing helps to fight bacteria

While kissing, a lot of saliva gets secreted which helps to fight the bacteria in the mouth.

2. Kissing reduces stress levels

We all get stressed over something or the other. Kissing as it can reduce stress levels and anxiety to a great extent, says the expert. Your brain typically releases happy hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, leading to feelings of euphoria.

3. Kissing may strengthen immune system

When you swap spit with your partner, it can boost your immunity by exposing you to new germs that help to make your immune system stronger. A 2014 study published in the US National Library of Medicine found that people who kiss frequently share the same microbiota in their saliva as well as their tongues.

4. Kissing gives an instant metabolic boost to body

The longer and harder you kiss, the more metabolic rate gets increased, burning kilojoules in the body.

5. Increases sexual satisfaction

Engaging in sex without foreplay that involves lots of passionate kissing can feel mechanical. Not only does kissing help in boosting sexual arousal, but it can also lead to orgasm.

6. Kissing can even help you burn calories

Now do you need more reason to kiss more? As per a 2013 paper published in The Americal Journal of Medicine, a simple kiss uses just 2 muscles and burns only 2 to 3 calories. On the other hand, passionate kissing can involve consume between 5 and 26 calories per minute!

Couple kissing
Kissing has many health benefits. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

How should I prepare before kissing?

If your mind is occupied in thoughts such as “can my partner smell my bad breath when kissing?” or “how to hide bad breath while kissing?”, you will mess up your kissing experience even before it begins. Imagine running to brush your teeth or spray a mouth freshener right before you kiss. Chances are you will kill the moment! So the best way is to know how to practice oral hygiene tips every day to keep your breath in check. Here’s what to do:

• Brushing twice a day is a must for good oral hygiene then use a good mouthwash to keep your mouth fresh before kissing.
• Flossing is a good practice which many people often skip. It removes the food stuck between your teeth and maintains your gums health.
• Clean your tongue after brushing teeth. The food we consume forms a layer on the tongue and attracts bacteria which is responsible for bad breath.
• Refrain from using tobacco products as they stain the enamel and also leaves a bad breath.
• Drink more water as staying hydrated is good for your breath. If your mouth is dry, it will lead to bad breath.
• Have less sugar as bacteria feeds off of sugar and causes bad breath.

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