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Here are 5 reasons why choosing a lube isn’t all that bad

You might have heard various things about lubes, but ladies, don’t hold yourself back. There’s a lot it can help you with, so don’t think and have some fun in the bedroom.
how to use lube
Try steaming things up with a lube. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Published: 14 May 2021, 11:00 am IST
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Using a lube is a matter of choice, we get that. But there are several people who believe that it isn’t the best thing to do. Why may you ask? Let’s just say there’s a lot of skepticism around its usage, largely because of the types of lubes that were available in the past  — yes, they were laden with chemicals. Today, the story looks altogether different because there are lubes that mimic your natural juices, and that means, sex is way more pleasurable. 

There are several reasons why lubes work well — for one, your body is driven by the play of hormones. So, when you age, lactate or experience menopausal symptoms, there is a greater need for extra lubrication. And unlike what people tell you, a good lube can truly be your BFF! It allows you to try different positions, and get experimental in bed. That’s not possible otherwise if you aren’t that wet! 

Now that you know this, let’s go through some more reasons why using a lube is a good idea.

1. Your body can’t control its wetness

People believe that the moment you get turned on, vaginal lubrication happens. But guess what? It’s not as easy as that. A woman’s body goes through several changes, and lubrication is controlled by the nervous system. So, even if you are aroused, you might still be dry. Instead, there could be another normal moment, where you are all soaked up. So, take the help of a lube and spice up your sex life.

2. They make sex more safe and pleasurable

Using a lube is a good idea, because it enhances pleasure and reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections. What’s more, it allows you to experiment in bed, and that’s good news right? In fact, just adding a drop inside a condom can make wearing a condom a simpler affair. That’s because there’s less friction, and that means the safety is much more.

benefits of using a lube
Lubes can make your sexual experience painless and more pleasurable. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. Your body might be unable to produce lubrication

There are certain organs in your body that are incapable of secreting fluids, after a certain point. What we mean to say is with age, these changes can happen. Moreover, sexual organs like the anus can’t make its own lubricant, and if you engage in anal sex, you are going to have a hard time, if you don’t use the help of a lube. Like we said, it doesn’t just help in penetration, but also makes sex a safe experience.

4. Flavoured lubes can spice up oral sex

Might not sound like fun to you but do try it out! Using a flavoured lubricant while performing oral sex can really up the game, ladies. We’ll give you a hot tip — you can apply the lube to your lips and then go down your partner. Just imagine all the fun. We are sure you are super turned on, isn’t it?

5. Lubes can be used for anything

There’s no hard and fast rule to use a lube — it can be used by anyone and everyone, irrespective of their gender, age or even sexuality. What’s more, it can also be used during masturabation or you could apply it and have fun with a sex toy. Lubes are water, oil or silicone-based, so take your pick — whatever is most suitable for you! 

So ladies, don’t limit yourself and get things hot and heavy in the bedroom!

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An independent writer and journalist, Geetika loves sharp and fresh humour, just like her coffee! If not writing, you'll find her cafe-hopping and raiding the best book stores in town. ...Read More

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