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Allergic to latex? Here are 4 latex-free condoms you can try instead

If you are sensitive to latex and are looking for some safe alternatives, then here are some 4 latex-free condoms you can start with.
Importance of safe sex
Safe sex can reduce risk of cervical cancer. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published: 5 Oct 2020, 18:44 pm IST
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Condoms are the most popular contraceptive method out there, and also the safest when it comes to preventing STDs. But most of them are made with latex—that many people are allergic to. 

The allergic reaction to latex can range from itching to swelling down there. If you are someone who is allergic to latex, then switching to a latex-free condom can help you out. 

Here we have for you four alternatives you can trust for safe sex:

1. Female condoms
Female condoms not only give you the control, but are also latex-free. They are usually made with polyurethane and are 95% effective. That said, this percentage of protection is still lesser than the 98% contraception male condoms promise.

2. Polyisoprene condoms
These kinds of condoms are made with synthetic rubber that doesn’t contain the latex protein which can cause allergies. Polyisoprene condoms provide the same kind of protection against STDs and pregnancy as their latex counterparts. Moreover, they are more stretchable and do a good job of transmitting body heat.

oral sex
Choose the right kind of condom for you! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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3. Polyurethane condoms
A very good alternative to latex condoms, polyurethane condoms are made of thin plastic and also transmit the body heat well. From a safety point of view, they work exactly the same way as latex condoms. However, they are more expensive and might slip and break during intercourse.

4. Lambskin condoms
This might sound weird, lambskin condoms are made of natural material and are very effective against pregnancy. However, they are not very widely used as they offer zero protection from sexually-transmitted diseases. So, you can only use this condom when you and your partner have been screened for STDs.

Please keep in mind: Not all condoms protect you against pregnancy or STDs, so reading the label carefully before making the purchase is important.

  • 79
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