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8 Indian women get real about masturabtion and self-pleasure

Watching porn and masturbation is still a taboo for women, but is self-pleasure really that bad? Well, read what Indian women really think about it.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 8 Feb 2021, 04:39 pm IST
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When we asked several Indian women to talk about their experience with masturbation, most of them were uncomfortable. It’s not that they didn’t want to speak about it, but it was in hushed tones. They think that talking or doing it is something that should not be out in the open. But we have a question  why is it such a big deal because experts believe that if done in moderation then even masturbation has positive effects on you.

From helping you boost your libido to self-pleasure, masturbation has everything in store for you. But we wanted to understand how independent Indian women really feel about it. So, we asked a few of them about their experience about masturbation. Here’s what they have to say: 

Roohi Sharma, 29, front desk officer

“Well, I’m not quite fascinated with the idea of masturbation, but I have tried watching porn and it’s a great way to explore your sexuality. I have tried playing with myself, but I still hesitate sometimes.”

Manika Mahajan, 27, business analyst 

“No, I have never done that, although a lot of my friends do it and find it quite fascinating. I’m a little old school when it comes to sex. I remember I watched porn once and the whole thing made me feel a little disgusted. So yes, I don’t find myself very comfortable when it comes to watching porn and masturbating.”

Ladies, make sure you consider these essential dos and don’ts of intimate hygiene if you’re masturbating. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Neha Garg, 29, homemaker

“Oh yeah! I have masturbated, but this is the first time I’m sharing this secret with someone, because I think people judge you for doing it. But I think there is no harm in giving some pleasure to yourself, and it makes me feel good. Even if I’m married, that doesn’t stop me from indulging in it and having fun. I think every woman should try it once and experience that it’s not a big deal. I mean if men can do it, then why can’t we?”

Shivi Sehgal, 25, Student

“Hahaha, yes I’ve done it. The first time I touched myself was when I was around 19 or 20. Frankly, it was way too weird for me, when I did it for the first time because I didn’t really know how to go about it. Then I talked to my best friend about it, and she guided me through it. Of course, I have not talked about it in public, but I’m also not ashamed about it.”

Radhika Ranjan, 30, content writer

“Yes, I masturbate and it’s fun. I mean you don’t have to depend on pleasure on someone else, and trust me it’s priceless.”

Mansi Vohra, 23, student

“Well, the first time when I did it, it made me guilty that I’m doing something wrong. It was something that I had to do with my partner, and not by myself. For a few days, I was not in good shape mentally, but then I gathered the courage to discuss it with a friend of mine. Thank god I did it, because she told me that there is nothing wrong in some self-pleasure and it is normal. Everyone does it and she has also done it. This made me realize that I’m not a bad person, which helped me get out of my misery. After that conversation, I saw it more like therapy than just playing with myself. To be honest, it made me more secure about my sexuality and there is no denying that it’s fun too.” 

Preeta, 34, sales head

“Well, I tried masturbation because of a vaginal condition. I was experiencing dryness down there and it made me itch a lot. I tried coconut oil and ointments to get rid of it, but it was temporary. I remember calling my friend in the middle of the night and discussing what product I should go for because I was a little apprehensive at that point in time to go and talk to a gynae about my condition.

When my friend told me that I can try masturbation, I remember laughing out loud and called her crazy. After gathering a lot of courage, I went to see my gynae and told her about the entire episode. I told her about my friend’s advice as well. To my surprise, she asked me to give masturbation a shot. So, I went back home, thought about it and slept over it. Later, I switched on some porn and tried to touch myself but nothing happened. For me, it was weird. Then after a few days, I tried it again but this time I felt so aroused, and could feel the discharge. Although it was temporary pleasure for me, it helped me deal with the dryness for a few hours at least.”        

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Sandhya (name changed), 27

“I was introduced to the concept of masturbation very early by my friends. I think I was 16 or 17, when I watched porn the first time. My friends told me that it is more fun if you touch yourself, as it will give you the big-O, and so I tried. I found it so fascinating that I started doing it quite often, and after a while I was literally addicted to the idea of masturbation

I also got myself some sex toys. I had a boyfriend when I was around 19, but I didn’t feel as aroused, when we used to do it. On the contrary, when I used to masturbate, I felt horny as hell. This actually made me worried a little. I talked to a friend and she asked me, “I hope you aren’t addicted to masturbation?” and this statement scared the shit out of me. After that I talked to my elder sister, told her the entire thing, and she advised me to take therapy. So, I did and found out that I was addicted. After that, my counselling started. I’ll not say that I have stopped it completely, but yes the frequency has reduced considerably. I now understand that it isn’t bad, but how much is too much is something I should have known.”  

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