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5 rules to keep in mind if you’re in a friends with benefits relationship

Along with the benefits of a friend with benefits relationship, there are also challenges. To manage it, remember these 5 rules.
friend with benefits
Keep these do and don'ts friends with benefits in mind. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 10 Oct 2022, 18:00 pm IST
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With time, the understanding of friendship and relationships has also changed. The concept of a serious relationships has undergone metamorphosis, and turned into casual relationships for some people. And for some, casual relationships may often translate to friends with benefits. No relationship is bad if you know the boundaries of that relationship. So, if you are also in a ‘friends with benefits’ (FWB) bond, you should be aware of its limits or rules. Otherwise, it can be risky for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Understand what is friends with benefits

It is easy and natural to get involved in this type of relationship just because there is no condition or bond in it. Definitely, it is different from a one-night stand, but it is less than a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Overall, this type of partnership emphasizes the value of balance the most. While there are numerous advantages to this connection, there are some drawbacks too. If these are ignored, it may also contribute to your difficulties. In such a situation, it becomes important that you avoid these mistakes made with your friend with benefit and remember the rules!

If you are in a friends with benefits relationship, keep these 5 things in mind:

1. Be honest to your intentions

Relationship expert Rishi Mathur explains that a friends with benefits relationship works best only when both the parties are clear about their intentions for each other. If you are in a relationship with a friend who likes you and expects you to be in a relationship with him for a long time, it will hurt both of you in the long run. This is why the two of you should be honest about your expectations and intentions from the very beginning.

friend with benefits
Do not get involved too much. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Friendship first

FWB arrangement means that both of you are going to be friends but when even one of you wants to end it, he/she can end the relationship and become friends. This is why it is important to focus on being a good friend during your FWB relationship status. So that it remains easy for both of them to remain friends.

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3. Don’t have unrealistic expectations

Just because you share a physical relationship with your friend, it doesn’t mean that you are there for them every time you need them. Keep in mind that whatever the relationship is, it is not one-sided. Furthermore, it would be advisable to quit the relationship right away if you were hoping for it to develop.

4. Don’t get too involved

Being involved with a friend with benefits can be overwhelming. Yes, both of you are friends and you are allowed to have feelings for them. But keep in mind that these are just the feelings you usually have for your other friends.

friend with benefits
The key is to know all about being friends with benefits, before you actually hook up. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

If you find that you are starting to feel more intense feelings for your partner, it is wise to take a step back, figure out your situation, and stop moving forward.

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5. Don’t act like you’re in a relationship

You may not be in a position of benefits with a friend, so expecting that your partner will accompany you to the doctor or your cousin’s wedding is a wrong idea. Setting limits is extremely important to this relationship. So that it is limited to purely sexual relations and does not reach to serious relationships.

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