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There are 10 types of female orgasms. And every woman should know about them

You might know what an orgasm is all about, but did you know women can experience more than one kind of climax? In fact, there are 10 types of female orgasms that every woman should know about.
female orgasm
Let’s demystify the female orgasm, shall we? Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 4 Jan 2021, 18:19 pm IST
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Female orgasm has always been a mystery. And it’s not just men we’re talking about here—rather, many women fail to find it too. While some women enjoy multiple orgasms, others suffer at the hands of dry spells.  Of course, a lot also depends on your partner, but hitting the right spot at the right time is key. 

One of the problems with understanding the female orgasm also is that women erroneously believe that they can only climax when the vagina is stimulated. However, that’s not true. You’ll be shocked to know that there are 10 kinds of female orgasms and here they are:   

1. Vaginal orgasm

We all know about this one. Did you know most of us orgasm during intercourse and not foreplay? Yes, that’s true. Women with a shorter distance between their clit and urethra meatus feel vaginal orgasm the most. But the rest of us may find it really hard to find our big-O only via penetration.

female orgasms
Do multiple orgasms exist? And if they do, how can you achieve them? Well, we’ve listed all the ways. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Anal orgasm

Anal sex can be painful, but for some women this is the only way to reach an orgasm. That’s because the rectum and vagina share a few nerves which gets stimulated during anal sex.

3. Blended orgasm

This one involves two or more kinds of stimulation. For example, for some women mixing clitoral stimulation with a passionate kiss can lead to an orgasm. Although, this completely depends from woman to woman.

4. Nipple orgasm

Nipples are well-known erogenous points for women. This is because when the nipples are stimulated, the body releases oxytocin which causes uterine and vaginal contractions and ultimately leads to an orgasm.

female orgasms
Breast stimulation to evoke your orgy. Image courtesy: Unsplash
5. Clitoral orgasm

Clitoral stimulation is another well-known way to reach orgasm, as the clitoris has thousands of nerves which evoke pleasurable sensation in women.

6. G-spot orgasm

The G-spot might be mythical, but for women who have discovered the secret hiding spot of this little erogenous area swear by the strong orgasms it can produce.

7. A-spot orgasm

This is basically the stimulation of the shallow area of the vagina, which is around 7 to 10 centimetres deep inside the vagina.

8. Oral orgasm

Oral sex is also one of the many ways that can help women achieve their orgasm.

female orgasms
Oral sex can be your pleasure point. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
9. Deep orgasm

This is when your partner hits the bull-eye, and yes we mean the vaginal wall.

10. Skin orgasm

Touch can be electrifying at times, so much so that only holding hands and hugging each other can make you wet down there. This kind of orgasm is also known as frisson. During this you might feel goosebumps or get shivers when someone touches you.

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