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Why does your tampon slip out? Well, here’s how to fix it

Tampons are not supposed to slip out or fall out from your vagina. But if your tampon slips out, you might be making these mistakes.
Tampons should not be used for a long duration. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 4 Apr 2024, 17:31 pm IST
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Have you been trying to switch to tampons, wondering why won’t the tampon just stay in? Have you been relentlessly trying to push it back? If you are wondering why does the tampon feel like it is slipping out again and again, the answer is that it’s probably time to change. As a tampon absorbs more blood, it feels slippery.

However, it is also important to note that tampons slipping out or not staying in can be a sign that you’re making some tampon-wearing mistakes. To understand this better, HealthShots spoke to Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Pratima Thamke, who tells us why your tampon won’t stay in and how to fix it.

tampon slip out
This situation can be annoying. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What is a tampon?

A tampon is a piece of cloth, rolled into a plug-sort of structure to stop and absorb period blood. They need to be inserted into the vagina. The US Food and Drug Administration states that tampons are medical devices and one tampon should be used only once and then thrown away.

How to use a tampon?

Tampons need to be inserted with the help of an applicator, or without it. However, there are some points to be kept in mind while using a tampon. You must read the instructions well on the  box. Please wash your hands before and after your insert your tampon. Change your tampon every four to eight hours, and choose a tampon with low absorbency, according to your needs, instructs the FDA.

Here’s why the tampon keeps falling out

If you tampon falls our soon after you wear it, this is because the vagina is surprisingly wide. These are some of reasons that make your tampon fall out.

1. Wrong size

Wearing the wrong-sized tampon can fill quickly along with sagging. When the tampon is properly inserted, it will not fall out or slip. A tampon will slip as it absorbs blood or even feels like it’s falling out.

2. You don’t insert it far enough

Not putting the tampon far enough can also be the reason for its sagging or slipping. If you can sense or touch your tampon at the opening of your vagina, it means you haven’t inserted it far enough.

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3. Not placed it properly

If you are wondering why does my body push out tampons, it’s probably because it is not placed correctly. If it hurts when you move or sit, that means the tampon is not correctly placed. This happens when the tampon is not too high up in the vagina. “Test if it is comfortable by pushing it in with your finger. If it continues to hurt, take it out and replace it with another one. Use a mirror to check where the tampon is going,” said Dr Thamke.

tampon slip out
A slipping tampon can be really uncomfortable! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Do not place it sideways

Another reason for your tampon falling out can be the way you have placed it. Placing the tampon sideways also makes it sag, so place it correctly with the help of a finger. Moreover, using tampons for the first time will be overwhelming. It takes practice. So, do it correctly by taking the help of an expert or the ones regularly using it. If you have to change your tampon hourly, use a bigger size.

How to fix a sagging tampon?

Fret not, as there are ways to stop your tampon from slipping out.

  1. Try another one

If you feel like the tampon isn’t placed correctly properly, take it out and try to insert another one. Don’t put the same one in.

2. Lubricate the applicator

Opting for lubricating jelly on the applicator can allow you to insert a tampon with ease. This is helpful when it comes to beginners and even when the period ends. So now, your tampon won’t fall out.

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3. Try a different one

If the tampon is filling too quickly, try a different absorbency. Similarly, if your tampons aren’t full but still feel like sagging, then you may need a different absorbency. Try to switch to another brand, if the current brand you are using tends to fall out.

Can tampons fall out due to pelvic floor muscles issues?

Yes, tampons slipping out or not staying in can also signal that you need to check on your pelvic floor muscles. Tight pelvic floor muscles can be a big cause because it can push out your tampon, making it feel like it won’t stay in. In fact, a weak pelvic floor or vaginal walls with less support can also make your tampon difficult to stay in.

You can try a relaxing bath to soothe the muscles before you attempt to insert your tampon. Moreover, you can also try meditation and breathing exercises plus stretching your pelvic floor muscles.

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