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Wonder why you get chin pimples before your periods? Dr Cuterus quells the curiosity

Are you annoyed with chin pimples that show up right before your periods? Testosterone is the culprit, says Dr Cuterus!
period pimple
Testosterone can really wreak havoc on your skin before your period. Image courtesy:
Geetika Sachdev Published: 27 Feb 2022, 18:00 pm IST
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That time of the month can be stressful, ladies. Don’t we already know that? Before your period announces its arrival with a bloodbath, your skin decides to take the lead, and tada, a pimple is born on your chin! Oh no, we are not over joyous at all. Our sarcasm may be showing up in full force, but that doesn’t mean that those period pimples aren’t annoying!

But why does this really happen? Trust Dr Tanaya Narendra aka dr_cuterus to know all the answers.

Why do those period pimples show up?

In her recent Instagram post, she writes, “You can blame testosterone. What, you mean the hormone that helps sprout dole-shole and a nice, luscious beard? Yep, that’s the one!”

Further, she explains how it is a result of the play between estrogen, progesterone. Most of the time, estrogen and progesterone manage testosterone levels from flaring up, but towards the end of the past cycle and beginning of the new one, testosterone gets left alone to run wild!

Check out the post to see how Dr Cuterus has explained this phenomena in a lighter vein:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Dr. Tanaya | Millennial Doctor (@dr_cuterus)

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What happens next?

The estrogen and progesterone (that normally happen to control the testosterone) drop off at the end of your cycle, which brings your period. So, it is the testosterone that is responsible for your aching chin, right before your period. It’s completely normal and nothing to worry about!

“You can see your dermatologist if it worries you, but don’t try to pop it,” she concludes.

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Are there any ways to deal with period pimples?

Make sure to wash your face with a medicated face wash. Your dermatologist may suggest products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that can help to reduce the inflammation. And once again, it may be very tempting to scratch that pimple or scrape it, but DO not at any cost! It can leave behind scars, and can even cause infection in certain cases.

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