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Inserting a menstrual cup is not an impossible task! Try these 2 simple techniques

New to a menstrual cup? Want to learn about the right and most comfortable fold to insert it into your vagina? We’ll tell you all about it!
menstrual cup
Menstrual cups are very safe to use. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 14 Sep 2021, 13:23 pm IST
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Are you still using pads for your monthlies? Ladies, the market is filled with period products and if you are still hell bent on using only sanitary napkins, it’s time to shake things up. To begin with, sanitary pads are the hotbed of infections and at the same time, contribute to plastic waste. So, it’s best to ditch them! 

When it comes to menstrual products, apart from sanitary napkins, the first product that comes to mind are menstrual cups! A menstrual cup is a reusable feminine hygiene product, which is funnel-shaped and made of rubber or silicone. But if you’ve never used a menstrual cup, you might be wondering how it works, right? That’s why we are here to tell you some simple ways of folding a menstrual cup. Ready? 

Here are two simple folding techniques for inserting a menstrual cup:
1. U-Fold

This fold is one of the most popular ways of inserting a menstrual cup into the vagina. U-fold is also known as C-fold. You can do it quickly, because it is one of the easiest folds, when it comes to a menstrual cup.

To create the fold:
  • Take your menstrual cup and press the sides of the menstrual cup with your fingers, so that the lips of the cup touch together. 
  • Next, simply fold the cup in half, along the length, to create a ‘U’ or ‘C’ shape. 
ways to fold menstrual cups
Menstrual cups can be removed easily as well. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Remember when you’re inserting your menstrual cup, you need to keep it folded until it is inside your vagina. 

2. Push-down fold

Call it push-down fold or punch-down fold, this is another popular fold of a menstrual cup. This fold has one of the smallest insertion points, so if you’re finding any difficulty in inserting, this fold could be for you. This fold is also best to try out, when you’re in a rush.

To create this fold:
  • Hold your menstrual cup at the base with your left hand. 
  • Use your right hand, and place your index finger on the top of the cup rim. 
  • Now, push it down into the base and pinch it to hold the position. 
  • Push the sides together and hold it firmly, with your left hand. 
  • Keep it folded, until it is inside your vagina. 

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Some of you may understand the technique at first, while some of you may take some time to understand it. But you will learn, we promise.

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ways to fold menstrual cups
Menstrual cups are the way forward! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Are menstrual cups a good option?

Menstrual cups can help you manage your period easily, and take care of the environment as well. Dr Surabhi Siddhartha, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist from Motherhood Hospital, says, “You will be surprised to know that a menstrual cup is one of the best options when it comes to period hygiene. Though it can be a little expensive, it proves to be a good investment. Reportedly, it can be more comfortable when compared to pads or tampons. While using a cup, many have reported experiencing fewer cramps. If one inserts the cup properly, they can be carefree on their period. Yes, one can also enjoy activities such as swimming or working out with ease.”

Tips to remember when using a menstrual cup:
  • Wash your hands and cup properly before use.
  • Remember to insert it properly, otherwise you’re going to feel discomfort.
  • If the cup is too full, it can spill and be messy, so be careful.
  • Empty the cup frequently and wash it from time to time to reduce infections.
  • Those who experience heavy flow may experience leaks. 

So ladies, switch to a menstrual cup NOW! 

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