Try these 4 yoga poses to keep period cramps and stress at bay!

If you experience period cramps, don’t wait too much and practice yoga instead to effectively handle pain, nausea, and fatigue.
menstrual pain
Shoo away period pain with these yoga poses. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Gurpreet Kaur Published: 21 May 2022, 10:00 am IST
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Severe and frequent period cramps or dysmenorrhea can be a major discomfort to most women. This painful experience usually happens due to abnormal contractions in the uterus as it sheds the endometrium, as part of the monthly menstrual cycle.

Not just pain or cramping in the lower abdomen, most women also undergo radiating pain down the legs apart from experiencing nausea, fatigue, headaches and even diarrhea. Women who smoke, drink alcohol during their cycle, are overweight or started their periods before the age of 11, are at higher risk of feeling stressed and facing cramps during their periods.

While the condition is not always due to an underlying cause, in some severe cases, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and pelvic inflammatory disease can be a few reasons behind it.

period without pain
Cramps are the most common symptom of menstruation, but they are NOT so common. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Resting is always an option along with coping with the pain by using a hot water bottle, there are several natural ways to deal with period cramps and stress, and the most effective is certainly practicing yoga.

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As we all know, intense exercise during excruciating menstrual cramps is not advisable. Nutritionist and strength coach Nidhi Mohan Kamal, reveals four yoga poses which are efficient at alleviating menstruation pain, in an Instagram reel.

She captioned it as, “Can you workout on period? Well it all depends on your health and comfort levels . But I can assure you that these poses would help with your cramps and joint stress.”


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So try these yoga poses next time you experience period cramps:

1. Butterfly pose with variations

The butterfly pose is the certainly one of the best yoga asanas if you are undergoing any form of menstrual problems. It not only improves the reproductive system in both women and men by stimulating the blood circulation but it also helps in making you feel less stressed. Women who wish to experience smooth and easy delivery practice butterfly pose regularly. Kamal uses light weights beneath her knees to give her support.

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butterfly pose
Butterfly pose! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Half frog pose

Since this pose stretches out the inner thighs, groin and hips, the half frog pose is vital in enhancing the blood flow to the reproductive system. You will feel the energy in your body flowing freely and smoothly, which will in turn, create a healthy menstrual flow and get rid of clotting and painful periods.

half frog pose
This pose is great for period cramps. Image courtesy: Instagram/ @norayogini

3. Broken wings pose

The idea of performing this pose is to release stored tensions in the body. Broken wings pose stretches out the relevant muscles and relaxes the nervous system. If you are feeling low during your menstrual cycle, perform the broken wings pose if you want to feel energized and be active all day long.

4. Seated wide angle pose

This relaxing pose actually targets lower back pain, period pain and cramps and helps in relieving them. Since it provides increased circulation to the lower abdomen, it leads to better blood flow around the pelvic area, which reduces any obstruction to the menstrual flow. Women with pelvic inflammation, endometriosis or any other menstrual disorder benefit from this pose.

yoga for period cramps
Try the wide angle seated forward pose.

So, keep your period pain at bay with these effective yoga asanas! But a word of caution – if you’re a yoga newbie, it would be best to do these poses under expert guidance.

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