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Trust these 5 yoga practices to ease your PMS woes

Don’t let PMS take over your life every month. Rather, deal with premenstrual syndrome the holistic way with yoga.
Yoga for PMS
Say adieu to PMS blues. Image courtesy: Nishtha Bijlani
Nishtha Bijlani Published: 17 Feb 2021, 17:05 pm IST
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The monthly PMS affair can be a hard one to keep up with for most girls. It can be quite confusing to experience erratic emotions, mood swings, body ache, fatigue, anxiety to just name a few. Our hormones go through a roller coaster ride and making sense of things can be a task!

But don’t think you’re alone. It is okay to feel all the crazy emotions and cry it out when needed. This period is a crucial time for self-love. It is reminding us to slow down and connect with the bodily changes.

How does yoga help during PMS?

A gentle yoga practice during this time helps to release contractions of the muscles and relaxes the pelvic floor. With increased awareness of the breath, we learn to drop the stress in the body and mind. Which as a result helps with reduced cortisol levels. Yoga is a natural regulating agent for the endocrine System, thereby balancing the hormone levels. Yoga soothes the nervous system, which brings about a state of calm and rest.

Yoga asanas to practice when you are PMSipmng and during menstruation:
1. Shoulder twist

Get on your knees and pass one hand under the other to twist from the shoulders. Rest your head and shoulder on the mat. Hold the twist for 30 secs. Repeat the same on the other side.

yoga for pms
Shoulder twist. Image courtesy: Nishtha Bijlani

Benefits: Gently twists the spine, while increasing blood circulation in the trunk. Releases stiffness and improves the respiratory function.

2. Pigeon pose

Slide the right knee forward while keeping the left leg straightened at the back. Slowly bend forward and rest your head on the back of your hands. Try to keep the weight equally distributed on both hips. Hold for 1 min and repeat on the other side.

yoga for pms
Pigeon pose. Image courtesy: Nishtha Bijlani

Benefits: Releases contractions in the pelvic floor and opens up the hip region. Helps in alleviating cramping and body ache.

3. Reclined twist (with bolster)

Place a bolster (or 2 pillows) vertically. Sit in front of the bolster with knees bent at a wide distance. Twist the knees to the right side while resting the right side of the trunk on the bolster. Keep the hands and head relaxed. Hold for 1 min and repeat on the other side.

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yoga of pms
Recline twist. Image courtesy: Nishtha Bijlani

Benefits: It is a great twist for the spine. Releases back pains while gently stretching the groins. The bolster provides a comforting feeling. Helps in uplifting the mood.

4. Supt baddhakonasna (with bolster)

Place a bolster vertically and recline on it. Rest your entire spine on the bolster and hips on the mat. Join your feet and keep your knees bent. Enjoy the gentle elevation of the spine here. Hold for 3 to 4 minutes.

yoga for pms
Supt Baddha Konasana. Image courtesy: Nishtha Bijlani

Benefits: Enhances the respiration and releases the tightens from the groin. Relaxes the pelvic floor and soothes the cramps. Makes for a great resting pose.

5. Surya and chandra nadi bhedan

This pranayama is also known as single nostril breathing. Bring your spine upright in a seated position. Close your eyes. Simply close your left nostril with the left thumb, and continue to breathe naturally through the right nostril. Continue for 1 to 2 minutes. Rest your hand, take a moment and repeat the same way on the other side.

Yoga for PMS
Pranayama. Image courtesy: Nishtha Bijlani

Benefits: It opens up the nasal passages thereby improving the quality of breath. Works on balancing the right and left side of the body. Pranayama greatly helps in dealing with PMS symptoms.

Here are a few more care-giving practices that you can add to your routine:
1. Feet/body massage

Take any massaging oil and rub over your feet or the entire body. Just by massaging the feet, we stimulate the marma points on the soles, which have a soothing effect on the mind & body.

2. Aromatic oils

Light up some scented candles or use aromatic diffusers to calm your senses and lighten your mood. A little pampering goes a long way.

Also, watch:

3. Journalling

This is also the time for a lot of emotional upheaval. It’s a good time to write down all thoughts and emotions to find a cathartic release.

4. Light meals

Keep your diet light and energizing especially during this time. Eat fresh fruits and home cooked meals. Avoid fried, oily, salty or pungent foods and alcohol. They can worsen bloating and other symptoms.

This phase around our cycle can be a great time to tune within and understand our bodily needs. Make this a great nurturing experience for yourself!

  • 86
About the Author

Nishtha Bijlani is a Mumbai-based certified yoga expert. ...Read More

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