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These 7 hacks will help you deal with your period mood swings

We all know how troubling being moody can be during periods. Try these 7 period hacks to feel better on your periods.
period hacks to feel good
Sail through the troubled waters of being moody. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published: 21 Aug 2020, 15:48 pm IST
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When you’re on your period, the cramps and fatigue are a given. However, there’s another characteristic which is equally troubling with not many people talk enough about. We’re referring to the topsy-turvy emotions which lead to you being sad one moment and full of anger at just about nothing the other.

Just like pados-wali aunty, Aunt Flo is nosy when it comes to your emotions. She can really mess with your mood and emotions, making you feel terrible about everything. And, if you are looking to mend your mood, then following these period hacks will work!

1. Get your body moving
Exercising while on period releases endorphins in the body that help in combating mood swings. It also increases blood flow which eases out menstrual cramps, making you feel even better.

If exercise isn’t a thing for you or you’re too fatigued, then a quick dancing session on your favourite beats counts as a workout as well!

 period hacks to feel good
Dance, baby, dance because you can manage your mood in fun ways too! GIF courtesy: GIPHY

2. Drink lots of water
This is the easiest hack you can try. Staying hydrated will keep your bloating at bay. Ensure that you drink at least 8 to 9 glasses of water. Consuming warm water will also help with your period cramps by increasing the blood flow and relaxing the cramped muscle.

If your body is dehydrated, you tend to feel sluggish and irritable. Hence, don’t forget to carry your water bottle around.

3. You can have your favourite bar of dark chocolate
Haven’t we already told you that having dark chocolate is actually healthy? Chocolate that is high in cocoa content not only helps in period cramps but it also has other benefits. It can help you relieve the stress and combat the monstrous mood swings, all at once!

Dark chocolates contain sugar which can help increase the serotonin levels. It is the same hormone responsible for stabilizing your mood and inducing a feeling of happiness.

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 period hacks to feel good
Yes, that bar of chocolate counts as a mood-boosting food. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Include healthy fats in your diet
Food like cheese, fish, whole eggs, avocado, and nuts are a good source of healthy fats which helps in reducing inflammation that is responsible for bloating, muscle soreness and stress. Reducing inflammation soothes your body along with boosting your mood.

5. Nap it out
Sleeping can give you that serotonin boost that your body needs to feel good. Taking a short nap will also leave you feeling refreshed, energized and light.

6. Sex is a good idea
Sex during periods is completely safe and you can definitely go for it. Sex will not only induce pleasure but it also has other benefits. It improves blood circulation to organs in the pelvic cavity which reduces cramping and bloating.

Sex also helps the estrogen levels and flushes out cortisol. This will eventually boost your mood. The increased level of oxytocin released during sex also acts as a mood lifter.

Sex during period is as normal as without them. So, take a chill pill. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Make magnesium-rich food your best friend
Magnesium helps in relaxing your muscles and provides energy to your otherwise fatigued body. Your magnesium intake can make you feel more emotionally stable and happier. Foods like banana, nuts, spinach, legumes, and avocados be can your go-to for a healthy those of magnesium.

If you follow any other period hacks to uplift your mood, do let us know in the comments below!

  • 82
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