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The impact of Covid-19 on your menstrual cycle is normal, says Dr Samriddhi Sharma

Covid-19 has impacted our lives in more ways than one, and it extends even to our menstrual cycles. In her recent Instagram post, Dr Samriddhi Sharma tells us more!
weight loss and periods
Rapid weight loss may impact your menstrual cycle. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 23 Jul 2021, 18:15 pm IST
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By now, most of us have had to accept that covid-19 is here to stay. That also means we have no choice, but to accept the disruption that it has brought with it. Now, it’s not just about a change in how we work and live, but also our bodily functions. Whether it’s our sleep schedule or menstrual cycle, everything has gone for a toss. Of course, it makes us hither and wither in stress, but that’s exactly what you aren’t supposed to do! It’s important to consider that suffering from covid-19 or even receiving a shot can alter your periods. 

Let’s take a case in point. Sharanya Iyer is a 26-year-old advertising professional. Over the last two months, ever since she has got the covid-19 jab, her period has become irregular. During the first cycle post-vaccine, she saw some blood clots and freaked out. Her second cycle was worse, because she bled heavily on the first two days, and then it all ended. She was only spotting the next few days.

Dr Samridhi Sharma says this is a common scenario, because of disturbed menstrual cycle. That’s because our body produces an anti-inflammatory response. But in such scenarios, it is important to control stress levels and take supplements to take stock of the situation. 

Check out her recent Instagram post:

Does covid-19 really impact your menstrual cycle?

Although there are no conclusive studies to prove the same, anecdotal reports show a different story. A lot of women have experienced lighter, heavier, irregular or even missed periods. It is believed that the infection itself is likely to increase stress levels in the body or even disrupt hormone levels. 

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According to a 2020 study, the lining of the uterus, also called endometrium, is safe from direct infection by coronavirus. That’s because it has lower levels of ACE2, the receptor that the virus often binds to. 

There’s a recent study that was conducted in 2021 that revealed that 45 out of 177 people had changes in their menstrual volume. Out of this number, 36 had a significantly lighter period, while nine had heavy periods

covid-19 and menstrual cycle
A shot in the arm could give you heavier periods! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Those who have long covid-19 symptoms have also witnessed their menstrual cycle for over 37 days. 

How about changes after the covid-19 jab?

Yes, your periods could be affected post the jab, but again the evidence is largely anecdotal. Most people either experience irregular periods or heavier periods post vaccination. What’s reassuring is that these changes are largely temporary, and return to normal, after a few cycles.

The bottomline

In a nutshell, covid-19 has definitely impacted the menstrual cycle, whether it is through the vaccine or because of the after-effects of the virus. So, make sure to consume nutritious food, move your body, and get adequate sleep. Also, track your menstrual cycle and consult a doctor, if you need more guidance. 

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