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What are some major causes of period pain?

If you often suffer from period pain, these factors can be responsible. Menstrual pain can be due to some other health conditions too.
period pain
Know what causes period pain. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Preksha Chopra Published: 18 Jun 2022, 12:00 pm IST
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No matter what age you are at, menstruation and bleeding have always appeared tough to deal with. What makes it even more grueling is the menstrual pain and cramps that come along. One question that young girls often wonder is, “What makes periods so painful and how could one get over this excruciating pain?”

These questions essentially come from young girls, who are at a tender age but are instead crippled with ache and period soreness.

What is the cause of menstrual pain?

The most common cause for young girls to experience period pain could be primary dysmenorrhoea. It is one of the most common reasons amongst young teenage girls who would have recently begun menstruating. Since the body produces hormones that cause uterine contractions, along with shedding of uterine lining during periods, the pain is normal to occur. The contractions make the body feel nauseated, leading to moderate to strong intensity of abdominal cramps, stomach pain, leg pain, back ache and body soreness. However, primary dysmenorrhea is a very common cause and often reduces with age. It begins a few days before your periods and seldom lasts until your bleeding cycle ends.

How to stop itching down there?
Period cramps affect a majority of teenage girls. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What is secondary dysmenorrhoea?

However, there is another strong reason behind menstrual pain in women. It could be secondary dysmenorrhoea. Unlike primary dysmenorrhoea, this pain is not restricted to a few days before the period but could last through the entire cycle at the same intensity. The reason for a women to experience it can be an underlying disorder or infection that needs immediate care and attention. Secondary dysmenorrhoea not only makes periods painful and taxing but also heavy in its flow.

foods to reduce period painWhat helps period cramps go away fast?
Your menstrual pain is telling you a lot about your lifestyle. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

These two are, however, just a few of the most commonly recognized reasons for menstrual pain. Like every woman is different, so are their bodies and its reaction to handling pain. While these could be the causes of period pain for most girls, your body perhaps could also have some other reasons for excruciating menstrual pain. It is always advised to see a doctor to be sure of the reasons for experiencing such pain.

To all menstruators out there, kindly pay attention to your body and how it handles and reacts to period pain. Periods are natural and so is period pain, but the choice to experience that pain or liberate yourself from it lies with you. You can switch to home remedies to relieve period pain. In case you start experiencing sudden pain after a history of generally pain-free and easy periods, kindly consult a gynecologist or a trusted doctor.

Rest, relax, take a good diet and indulge in some healthy practices that’ll regulate your hormonal imbalance and period pain.

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