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Yes, winter can make your period pain worse! But here are 9 tips to deal with it

Don't suffer from menstrual cramps during winter. Instead, try these 9 tips to relieve period pain and manage other PMS symptoms.
tips to relieve period pain
Menstrual pain can get worse during winter. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 16 Dec 2022, 12:13 pm IST
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Whenever Aunt Flo visits, she tends to come with menstrual cramps. Even though the intensity of the pain can vary from woman to woman, it can undoubtedly make you feel anxious and uncomfortable. That’s why one question that most women often wonder is, “How to get rid of period pain?” Although there may be a number of causes, the winter season may be one that makes it worse. So, here, we’ll talk about why it happens and share tips to relieve period pain.

Why does winter disturb the period cycle?

Well, the main causes of experiencing severe period pain during winter are decreased ovarian activity and being less active. Additionally, low vitamin D levels, decreased blood flow, and arteries contractions exacerbate premenstrual symptoms, result in irregular cycles, or worsen the pain.

To understand the solutions, Health Shots got in touch with Dr Preethika Shetty, consultant obstetrician and gynecologist at Motherhood Hospitals, Kharadi, Mumbai. She shared a few tips which can help stop menstrual pain and other PMS symptoms.

tips to relieve period pain
Relieve period pain during winter with these tips. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here are 9 tips to relieve menstrual pain:

1. Include turmeric in the diet

Turmeric is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce cramps and abdominal pain. Add turmeric to the soups, curry, and vegetables, and in milk.

2. Stay hydrated

Bloating during the menstrual cycle can lead to discomfort and worsen one’s menstrual cramps. Drinking enough water will help you to get rid of the pain. Likewise, opting for hot water can increase blood flow throughout your body and relax your muscles.

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3. Opt for herbal teas

Drinking chamomile, fennel, or ginger tea can ease period pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, the goodness of herbal teas will also help you to de-stress and relax. It can be soothing. So, try to drink any herbal tea of your choice and you will surely notice the difference. Do not go overboard on these teas.

tips to relieve period pain
Stay warm by drinking herbal tea. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Don’t forget to apply heat

Yes, those menstrual cramps are unsettling and highly disturbing. It will be essential for you to swear by hot therapy to manage the cramps. Opt for a heating pad or hot water and place it on your belly, or take a hot bath. Heat tends to increase blood flow to the area, and it relaxes the contracting muscles which invite pain.

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5. Exercise without fail

Doing exercises can release endorphins that make you feel happy, reduce pain and relax your muscles. It is because endorphins are natural painkillers!

6. Massage

Massages may reduce uterine spasms by helping the uterus to relax. Massage should focus on the belly area. But, do not apply too much pressure. A gentle massage is advised for everyone.

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7. Yoga

If you want to get rid of menstrual cramps, you need to do yoga every day. This can boost your overall well-being and ease your periods.

tips to relieve period pain
Yoga can keep you warm and energized throughout the day. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

8. Avoid junk and processed foods

Cut down pizza, pasta, Chinese, French fries, frozen foods, bakery items, and sodas to alleviate cramps. They’re known to disturb the menstrual cycle and can lead to mood swings.

9. Antispasmodic medications

Antispasmodic medications can be added if required. They are muscle relaxers and help alleviate menstrual cramps.

So, ladies follow these tips and avoid menstrual cycle issues during the cold weather!

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