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Getting period cramps but no period? Here are 8 reasons why

If your periods are playing hide and seek even when cramps have knocked you down then these possibilities can be in play.
first period pain
Know how to handle period pain naturally. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 5 May 2021, 16:22 pm IST
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For most of us, period cramps are the first reminder that Aunty Flo is about to come knocking. Without a doubt they are painful and their occurrence is very common. But what if you get these cramps right on time but not your periods? Missy let us tell you this is a possibility and we’ll tell you why.

But first, do you really know why we get period cramps to begin with? Well, basically during the menstrual cycle our uterus contracts and expels its lining. At this  time, a hormone called prostaglandins is released in the body which leads to pain and inflammation in the uterus, as well as bloating.

If you have been experiencing cramps and no periods, then you could have one of these eight culprits to blame:

1. You could have experienced an ovarian cyst rupture
Don’t get worked up because your ovaries usually make a number of cysts while preparing for ovulation. They disappear by themselves, but in case one or more of these stick to your ovaries then it can lead to the problem of ovarian cyst. Rupturing of it causes cramp-like pain and in rare cases it can also lead to fever, nausea, and vomiting. That’s when you need to seek help.

2. Then there is the possibility of endometriosis
According to Dr Deepika Aggarwal, consultant, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, at CK Birla Hospital in Gurgaon, endometriosis is a common gynaecological condition in which the tissue that lines the uterus, referred to as the endometrium, tends to grow on the ovaries, bowel, rectum, vagina or pelvic lining. These additional tissues result in your periods being significantly more painful than they usually are, even if you don’t really bleed.

Also, listen:

“It triggers a chronic inflammatory reaction resulting in pain and adhesions” says Dr Agarwal.

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3. You could have an anovulatory cycle
Have you ever heard of this term? If not, then let us familiarize you with it first. Apparently, it is a very common problem and happens once in a while. It basically refers to hormonal changes in your body, which prevent your ovaries from releasing an egg. This is why you don’t get a period.

4. Pregnancy could also be on the cards
If you’re experiencing cramps without any sign of periods then pregnancy can be a possibility. Basically in the initial stages of pregnancy, your body mimics various period-like symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, and cramps.

“Cramps happen due to pelvic inflammation initially. Pelvic congestion is also there which leads to pain in the abdomen”, Dr Gandhali Deorukhkar Pillai, consultant obstetrics gynaecologist at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central.

5. Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID could be to blame
PID is ar result of unsafe sex because it is a sexually transmitted disease. It is a bacterial infection that strikes your uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and vagina down leading to cramps and enormous pain.

reasons for missing periods
Infections can also mimic cramps. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Antibiotics are given in this case. It is a very typical pain in the lower back and abdomen region. There can be a discharge so you can figure that’s it’s not because of periods but something else is wrong”, says Dr Pillai

6. Mittelschmerz is another possibility
“It’s a German term which means ovulation pain. Periods come and go and in the middle of the cycle the egg ruptures from ovaries. This is called the ovulation process. You will feel pain. Although, not everyone can feel this pain but if you are sensitive to it then you can make it out”, explains Dr Pillai.

7. Let’s not forgo the chances of appendicitis
Appendicitis is a condition of the appendix which leads to inflammation. This can happen due to some blockages or obstruction which might develop because of formation of mucus, parasites, or even fecal matter, suggests Dr Roy Patankar, leading gastroenterologist & director of Zen Hospital Mumbai.

reasons for missing periods
Ignoring appendicitis pain is not a good idea. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“It leads to severe pain in the abdomen region and therefore at times highly mistaken as normal period cramp”, he said.

8. Lastly, uterine polyps can also be the cause
According to Dr Samir Kumar Ray is a consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician, department of gynaecology & obstetrics, CK Birla Hospitals–CMRI, polyps are small growths on the cervical or uterine wall. They can cause cramping and can also give periods like discomfort. That’s why there are high chances that you misconstrued polyps pain as cramps.

So, if your cramps have made an arrival but your periods are totally MIA then you precisely know why.

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