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Presenting 6 periods myths that are absolutely rubbish!

There are several myths that exist around periods, but are they really true? We are here to bust them, one at a time. Read on to know more
period myths
Don’t give in to the myths that exist. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Published: 28 May 2021, 16:04 pm IST
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For as long as we can remember, periods have been associated with being dirty or impure. No wonder, there exist a million myths around menstruation that prohibit women from living a regular life. They are scrutinised for everything that they do, eat, say and what not. While these myths are almost bizarre, it’s important to understand that these are all governed by patriarchy and constitute a form of gender-based discrimination. The more we give in to them, the more agency we lose over our bodies. So ladies, smash the stereotypes by learning the facts. 

Are you ready to bust these ridiculous period myths? Let’s go:
1. Sharks can attack women on their period

Who are you kidding? Really now? Even if you chill by the ocean and sharks spot you, we don’t think they have any mechanism to figure out that you’re on your period. Plus, even if they do (hypothetically), they are probably more sensible than humans. So please, get this myth out of the way. It’s as bizarre as it can be! 

2. Women who are menstruating can contaminate food

This myth is especially prevalent in parts of rural India; not to say that those in urban centres do not subscribe to these strange things. It is believed that women can’t water plants, cook or even touch food. There are certain surveys that show that women actually believe in this myth, and do not enter the kitchen or touch foods on all the days they have their period. Ladies, do not believe this trash in any way; it really has no truth. 

period myths
Stop believing these period myths. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. Taking a shower during periods will make you infertile

Strange, isn’t it? Imagine if you don’t take a shower on all those days, you might stay fertile, but you will definitely catch some other infection. After all, not being hygienic is not going to help you in any way. So, please don’t believe anything of this sort and take a shower, every single day. It won’t make you infertile in any way! 

4. Women can’t enter temples on their period

Well, being on a period makes a woman impure, or that’s what people make you believe. Well, it’s not true in any way, please. You are not unclean nor is your period blood; it is a natural physiological process and it must be treated like that. This is a form of gender inequality that limits women from living their life the way they want to. It fills them with shame and a sense of insecurity that debilitates their growth in the future. So, do not give in to this myth in any way. Change begins by having the courage to question traditional norms. This is your chance to do that! 

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5. Men will fall sick if they interact with menstruating women

It is often believed that women cannot interact with or touch men during their period, because it will make them impure or unclean. This especially exists in rural India, where more than 20 percent of women believe they should not talk to a male member of the family during menstruation. Well, go ahead and touch as many males as you want!

6. Using menstrual cups can make you lose your virginity

We all know how virginity is regarded in our society. First of all, let’s stop treating it as something that needs special importance. Now scientifically, a hymen has little to do with intercourse. You might not know but girls are also born with no hymen. Some girls also tear it due to vigorous physical activity, even before they have sex. So, please use menstrual cups if you must, because they CANNOT tear or stretch your hymen. 

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