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10 Gen Z women reveal their favourite period product, and you’re in for a surprise!

Sanitary pads are still winning in the fight of pads vs tampons & menstrual cups, as per 10 Gen Z women whom we spoke to on period products.
period products
On one hand, the variety of menstrual hygiene products is increasing, but awareness and affordability needs to be spread among the masses. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Manasvi Jain Published: 27 May 2022, 15:43 pm IST
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The market of menstrual hygiene products has seen a 180 degree turn in the past few years. From the regular sanitary napkins, the period products market has opened up wider with tampons, menstrual cups, reusable sanitary pads, period panties, menstrual discs and more. To understand what is it that the new generation prefers for period hygiene, we reached out to 10 Gen Z girls.

While we understand that it is difficult for older generation women to switch to these new products since they are set in their ways, but here’s what was surprising! It turns out that there’s a sense of hesitancy among the Gen Z girls to try these new products too.

Health Shots asked 10 different Gen Z women about the period products they like to use during their menstrual cycle and if they use sanitary napkins, why haven’t they switched to other products? Here’s what they said:

Tampons are too expensive, says Riya Talan (20)

“I use sanitary pads, since I was schooled about them since my adolescence. I got to know about tampons and menstrual cups later, when I was in Class 12 class and the process of using them was very different from the sanitary pads. One of the main reasons that I don’t use tampons is because they are very expensive and sanitary napkins are still of a reasonable price.”

Many women are scared about the tampon getting stuck! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Avnii Bagaria (20) finds tampons unhygienic

“I still like to use sanitary napkins during my menstrual cycle. I have never wanted to switch to other products because I find them unhygienic and I feel they can increase the risk of infections.”

Drishti Khurana (21) finds the process of using menstrual cups tricky

“I use sanitary pads. I don’t trust that the reusable/washable sanitary pads are hygienic, I don’t think they get clean enough. I have tried using menstrual cups but the process to use them is very tricky and no one ever taught us how to use them. I think I just need some practice.”

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Pads are more long lasting, says Ranjana (22)

“I only use sanitary pads when I’m on my periods because I find them comfortable and they are long lasting. They don’t need to be changed frequently.”

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sanitary pads
Sanitary pads are the most commonly used period products. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Falak Jain (16) doesn’t know enough about these new products.

“I have used sanitary pads since forever. I feel weird about the insertion process of tampons and menstrual cups. I feel like it will be a difficult process since I have never been taught how to use them and don’t know enough about them.”

Shipra Kumar (20) is too used to sanitary pads

“I’m used to the process of sanitary pads and I am comfortable in using them now. If I switch to these other products, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get comfortable with their process or not.”

Pooja (20) isn’t sure if tampons are available in her local stores or not

“I only use sanitary pads. I haven’t switched to the other products because I don’t think they are as easily available as the sanitary napkins are in my local market.”

menstrual cup
Menstrual cups are environment friendly, but girls seem to be unsure about how to use this period product. Image courtesy: Shuttertsock

I don’t know how safe these products are, says Akriti Raina (21)

“I use sanitary pads. I have thought about switching to other products but there are a lot of questions and doubts in my mind regarding them: if they are safe or not? Is using them comfortable or not? There are more such questions in my mind.”

Harshita Gupta (21) hasn’t heard much about tampons or menstrual cups

“I like to use sanitary napkins. Since I don’t know much about these new period products, I haven’t ever thought of making the switch.”

Prachi Jain (20) got fed up with using tampons

“I came back to using regular pads during my periods. I tried to use tampons for a while and I couldn’t get comfortable with them. The process of inserting them was a little tricky and I had to change it quite frequently as it is advised to reduce the risk of infection.”

  • 166
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