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From hair loss to greasy scalp, this is what your periods can do to your hair

Your period affects your mood and your skin. But did you know it also affects your hair? To know more, read on
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Let the goodness of fenugreek oil protect your curls! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Chetna Pattnaik Published: 26 Sep 2020, 14:04 pm IST
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Love them or hate them, periods are an inevitable part of every cis female’s life. During our periods we deal with an influx of hormones—a lot more than regular days. These hormones can affect multiple aspects of our life and form the basis of our physical and mental health. 

But did you know the rush of these hormones that we experience before, during, and after our cycle can affect our hair too? Even though our period experiences differ from woman to woman, there are certain hair and scalp changes that plague most of us. 

Here are some of them that you might notice during your periods: 

1. Your hair is oilier
You know that your hormones fluctuate a whole lot when you’re on your period. That’s why your body produces more testosterone which increases sebum secretion. This makes the hair sticky, oily and greasy.

Now, you might feel that washing your hair every da45y is the solution to combating the oiliness, but this will just strip your hair of its natural oils. However, what you can do is invest in a good dry shampoo that works for you and goes with your hair type. It will help absorb the excess oil, and both you and your hair will feel fresher post application.

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2. Your scalp feels sensitive
From mood swings to acne, your hormones are in control of everything during your period. So, they have some degree of control over your scalp as well. With the onset of your cycle, you start producing hormones that increase pain sensitivity—and it is these hormones that cause your scalp to become tender and more sensitive.

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Go gentle while combing your hair and avoid the pulling and tugging you generally do. You can go for a wide toothed comb or a soft hair brush in order to go easy on your hair.

3. You will experience hair fall
While your testosterone levels take a hike, your oestrogen levels are pretty much at their lowest at the initial stage of your cycle. With the drop in oestrogen levels, the level of iron in your body also drops. This is the reason why you lose more hair than usual during your period. In many cases, heavy bleeding triggers thinning and loss of hair.

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If your hair loss is excessive, you might need an iron supplement for which you must consult your doctor. As far as home remedies are concerned, try not to braid your hair and avoid tight hairstyles to prevent further loss.

So, with the fluctuations in the levels of your hormones during the different phases of your period, your hair responds differently too—and this is very natural.

  • 56
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